Goodbye 2016

Goodbye 2016. You will not be missed

Not my day, not my week,  not my month and definitely not my year. 
2016 was something like that.  Each day brought on a new challenge and I am sorry to say,  not every obstacle was overcome. 
There were too many changes and all of them mentally exhausting. 
For a writer, being mind fatigued isn't the best thing in the world because that means that my ability to imaging  and create gets compromised. 
With great difficulty, the only thing I managed to work on was one story and that too, was overridden with mistakes. 
The only writing achievement I did accomplish was the publication of my horror novel- Forest of the Dark. 
Written quite  some time ago, and after waiting to hear from a lot of publishers, I finally received a reply from the publisher I did want to work with -  solstice publishing. 
This is one horror story that I am extremely proud of because I managed to take on the challenge of writing multiple character arcs. 
The best part was researching different legends belonging to diverse cultures.  There are so many stories around  the world and so many myths- all of them creepy and enchanting. 
I would call Forest of the Dark my best published novel so far. (Repeated Lives  my cherished novella). 
As for my second love- horror movies, (my first love is writing horror fiction), they too have been a little  disappointing.  The movies that were highly anticipated,  turned out to be overrated.  I can't remember a single movie I saw this far that managed to give me the creeps. 
The worst form of horror came from the news.  So much has happened this year,  so many tragedies and so many bad people got to taste victory.  Not for long I hope.  
Next year  will be different. Next year has to be.  
Hopefully I'll publish more books in 2017. I've already  begun working on one and it should be ready in the next few months. 
Then I hope there will be some good horror movies releasing as well.  Something that do true justice to the genre. 
2017 needs to get here already!!


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