Short Stories

Break The Spell

Pia Scribbers just had her dreams turn into reality. Her screenplay is being made into a movie. And she gets to act in it!

Once filming begins, however, Pia realizes nothing is easy and to top it all, her co-star Aryan Malik hates her.

Little by little, Pia learns the ways of the film industry and is spellbound by it. But when she starts falling for Aryan, she realizes she needs to fall back into reality and break the spell that has caused these feelings to surface.

Sinfully Stupid Seven 

When seven high school students fail their finals, it gives three bumbling scientists a chance to try their new experiment on them.

All the students have to do is pass the test.

All the scientists have to do is, inject them with the right serum.

But of course, nothing goes according to plan.

The Haunted Empath 

Jadeline had the ability to heal anyone. She could feel what others did and make their ailments disappear.

Hedson is a successful entrepreneur, suffering from a mysterious illness, and only Jadeline can help him. But what she doesn’t know is that Hedson was hiding a terrible secret.

A secret that tears through Jadeline’s nightmares and enters her reality.

Where is Lara?

The idyllic Farstone town is shrouded in mystery when a celebrity, Lara Robina, goes missing while staying at a B&B.

Detective Dan Asher is put on the case and is soon perplexed by the only clue left behind-- an orange-haired doll that resembles Lara.

As the investigation progresses, Dan realizes he must consider all perspectives and find out what a high profile celebrity like Lara was doing in Farstone in the first place?


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