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Things I did this year that I hadn’t before

I surprised myself this year by doing things that I didn't think I wanted to or was too shy to do. As the year draws to a close, I’m glad that after a crappy last year, I still managed to make this year slightly better by taking chances.
1) Taking part in discussions: In the beginning of the year, I received an email from my editor that stirred up emotions inside of me. Okay, usually I like to take a backseat and follow up on discussions as an audience rather than a participator. The email was sent to the other authors in the publishing house too and thus began a long discussion where I actually learnt a lot. The email that sparked this discussion was about us authors not doing enough to promote our books. I remember reading the email and getting slightly angry as I had been putting more hours promoting my books than writing. In fact I had put my new novel (which I have still not completed) on hold because I wanted to give all my books the chance they deserved. Who knew promoting…