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Dismissed--My take on the movie with spoilers!

Even if all of us were not straight A students, there was always that one subject that we excelled in. A subject that we could grasp the knowledge of easily and do well on the tests.
Now imagine getting all A's in the tests, being praised for answering in class but get a B in the midterms. Would that drive us forward to do better or simply drive us crazy?
Dismissed does this very clever trick of starting the movie from the teacher's point of view. We see how much Mr. Butler loves teaching and how popular he is in class and the chess club he supervises. Everyone loves him. At home, he is a caring father and a loving husband.
All this is shown to us so that we don't bring forth our suppressed empathy for Lucas who doesn't score well in his midterms.
At some point, maybe we did feel like we deserved a better grade and that the teacher had it out for us. It is only later that common sense prevails and we realize they were only doing their job and sometimes it is okay to swallo…

Sinfully Stupid Seven

When seven high school students fail their finals, it gives three bumbling scientists a chance to try their new experiment on them.

All the students have to do is pass the test.

All the scientists have to do is, inject them with the right serum to make them smarter.

But of course, nothing goes according to plan.

A humorous little tale to beat the blues. 

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She made the rules...

The Midnight Man-- My take on the movie with spoilers!!!

There wasn't a lot going on in the 1950s. The lack of video games, thrilling TV shows, movies and adventure sports caused people to experience utter boredom to the extent they did anything they could to feel some modicum of excitement.

So what did they do?

Contact ghosts and demons.

The Ouija board started to get popular because the people who used them thought they could contact their dead loved ones.

That, I can sort of get.

What I can't get is people purposely contacting a demon to chase them around.

The Midnight man is about a creepy game 'The Midnight Game' that is basically about calling a creepy demon to your house, have him feed and manifest your fears. After that, for three hours and thirty - three minutes, you must dodge him, keep your candle lit or stand in a circle of salt.

I cannot imagine why people would want to play this weird game and put their lives at risk, but in the 1950s people did. Then later on when it is found in an attic, two teens decide to play it …

Spine-Chilling stories

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No one can hear you...


The path through the forest was endless and the further Preeti looked, the more she felt discouraged. There were trees, hedges, ferns and rocks. Apart from that, there were no sounds to be heard except the weighing silence. Rudra was walking a few steps ahead from her, apparently lost in his own thoughts. He had left behind quite a few trees unmarked and she had to make up for his absent-mindedness. She picked up a rock and started chipping away at the bark. A little dust flew out, but she had barely caused a dent in the wood. She sighed, feeling defeated and then her eyes fell on a vine lying by her feet. She picked it up and tugged, feeling the tautness of the green vine. She tied the vine around the trunk and pushed the rock under it. This would be her sign that they had passed this way. She saw a few more vines lying on the ground and bent over to gather them. Rudra kept walking, oblivious to her activities and when she looked up, she felt fear dawn on her when she saw how…

My Wicked Intent---Excerpt


He called for the check and I stopped him. “Shouldn’t we get something for the road?”

“Two sandwiches.” He told the waitress. “One egg and one vegetable roll.”

I stared at him. “You ordered for me?”

Robin nodded. “Yes, I didn’t want to waste any more time having menus handed over to us so you can deliberate.”

“I may not have wanted a vegetable roll.”

“You don’t eat eggs. You don’t eat meat. As a vegetarian, that is your only option.” Robin asked for the bill when a waitress passed by.

“How did you know that? Just because I didn’t order eggs now...I do eat them, I just didn’t feel like it.”

“I know,” Robin said. “It says on your profile that you are a vegetarian. Not a vegan. I remember that.”

“Oh,” I said in a small voice. Of course, that was how he knew. How else would he? I watched him as he checked his phone and when he did look up every now and then, it wasn’t at me. I was starting to get frustrated. Why wasn’t he interested in me?

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