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Learning new languages

I am trying to learn new languages and keep getting confused. Also, as I'm self-teaching myself, I've found that I'm not a very good student. Yikes!
So I have to practice, practice and practice....

I am: sono                   You are: sei    He/she/it is: è  We are: siamo You are (plural): siete                       They are: sono          
PRESENT TENSE OF ETRE (TO BE) I am:   je suis              You are: tu es             He is: il est She is: elle est One is: on est We are: nous sommes You are (plural): vous êtes They are (m): ils sont They are (f): elles sont 
Really need to memorize this!

PK- My take on the movie

SciFi movies have got to be my least favorite genre and if they consist of aliens, I avoid them like my least favorite vegetables- I push away the plate and pretend that they don't exist.
In spite of the impressive star cast, I wasn't going to watch the movie until I read the controversies surrounding it. The debate it sparked among people piqued my interest and I finally watched the movie.
After watching the movie, could I stop thinking about the story? No. Did I enjoy the movie as a whole? Again, no.
I envy Rajkumar Hirani's work and writing. His past movies have been entertaining and interspersed with important social messages that I have always agreed with. Let's just say that he and I are on the same wavelength where opinions about education and religion are concerned. This movie, however, was a bit of a disappointment for me and only because the plot didn't flow as seamlessly as his previous movies.
The movie begins with an excellent opening scene and the …

Clearing my Mind

Being a writer is hard work! And having writer's block is the worst. So in order to clean my mind and try to break through the blocks that were being an annoying obstacle in my creativity train, I took a long walk one evening.

After weeks of dust storms and unruly weather, the city was finally graced with pleasant weather. The winds were cold, the sun was setting and the water was a beautiful blue.

The sky was turning sombre as I reached the end of my walking goal. It was so nice and peaceful; the air was clear and crisp. Love evenings like these.

I absolutely love the brief time in which the sun has already set and the sky is still not dark. There's something calming and romantic about that time.

There were so many seagulls and crows in the corniche. The first thing that always pops into my mind when I see them flying overhead: Don't poop on my head!!! LOL They all gathered up on that grassy patch for some reason. Away from the waters. 

Except for this little guy. I wish…

Having a Bad Day

What is a bad day?It's having the channel go off right before a favorite show comes on.It's trying to cheer up a person and end up having your heart broken by that person. Misery loves company apparently.It's being alone with your thoughts and feeling like nothing will ever work out and no one will ever be there to say that things will get better.That's today for me and it feels like it'll forever be this.

Expectations from a Woman

Women’s Day is supposed to be a day where we celebrate all the accomplishments made by women over the years. Without some very important women, we wouldn’t have had the basic necessities like proper education or never have found a way to get our voices heard. Women would have been relegated to the background of every household and expected to make all sorts of sacrifices for the other members of the family. That’s what is expected of every woman- to continuously make sacrifices for the betterment of their family and society. It doesn’t matter what she wants, all that matters is what she can do for others. Yes, this sort of expectation is still prevalent today. Except, women now have to prove themselves in several other fields as well. Before, all women were supposed to do was marry, cook, give birth to children and then take care of them. Most of them never had the advantage of education or a career choice. They rarely got a say in the household even though they were taking care o…

A True Friend

When I first read ‘Vikram and Betal’ I was perplexed by all the riddles and captivated by all of the answers. That book holds a special place in my heart not only because of the wonderful story and conundrums posed by the spirit who tries to trick the King but also because it made me realize that things are not always what they seem.
In the story, King Vikram is tricked by a saint to get him the corpse hanging on the tree so that he could gain ultimate power. The King doesn’t realize this at first and as a man of his word persists in capturing the corpse (Betal) and answering his many riddles.
In the end, when he finds the truth, he vanquishes the trickster and saves the corpse.
A few years back, when I picked up the book again, I was once again mesmerized by the depth of the story that I hadn’t really noticed before. It asked questions that not many literary works do and it had answers that I would have never come to.
The twenty-five riddles were not just puzzles and a plot devi…