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Eli-- My Take on the movie with spoilers!

What are three things that every person desires?
Health, wealth, and love. These are the three basic things everyone requires to live a fulfilling life, and a wish we give on important occasions.
Love once received, and then gone doesn’t diminish the hope that you will never get it again.
Wealth too can be gained as lost, then gained again.
Health: once you catch a chronic illness, may not necessarily heal you to the point that you feel completely fit again.

Eli is about, well, Eli, a boy suffering from an autoimmune disorder. The air that we breathe and take for granted is toxic for him and he must remain in a suit at all times.

Then comes the miracle the parents have been hoping for. Dr Horn invites them to her clean house where Eli can be treated.
With hopes that he will heal and be able to breathe in the fresh air, Eli shows extreme courage as he is out through treatments where the doctor informs him that she will inject a virus into him that will modify the defected gene causing his dis…