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Stay or Stray

There comes a point in a writer's journey when they must decide whether to compromise their vision or not- to stay with what they believe in or stray and give in to what is demanded out of them. It's not an easy decision to make because for a writer they not only want to be appreciated for their work but also be published and have their books be purchased.
A couple of years ago, when I started on my journey to become a writer, I was drawn to young adult stories. I had an idea that was different from the books popular then. I held off writing that particular story because it was risky and I didn't want to fail at my first attempt to write a whole manuscript. I surveyed various bookstores and went through the trends and the popular young adult books.
Literally every book that I picked was on vampires. I selected various books from different shelves and red the blurbs: she closed her eyes as he leaned forward to kiss her. The next thing she felt was his teeth pricking the …

The Exhausted Writer

A popular advice all writers are given is to write every single day. As a struggling writer, I find this advice isn't really expedient.
Though practicing your art everyday helps hone your skills, actually writing every day is only a frustrating exercise.
A writer not only writes- they must read, research and find inspiration to work.
When they force themselves to write every day the result is often disastrous. The sentences are hackneyed, the characters don't seem believable and the story is just ribbons of plot tied shabbily to each other.
The main part of writing is inspiration that can come from anyone and anywhere. For me its always been music, but I don't always wake up feeling inspired. There are days when I'm so mentally exhausted from doing research or working on chapters for my new fiction, that writing another chapter is just so daunting. I guess the brain needs a break too every now and then.
At this time, when my head feels like it's being baked, f…

Why Reviews are Important

Now that the writing and editing part is done, the author gets to step back and watch their hard work be published and made available to readers all over the world. It's a shining and proud moment for us to see all our hard work being put up for everyone to see.
And now it's the readers' turn to do their part. What do they have to do?
Review of course...after reading the writer's creation.
Here's why reviews are the most important part of the whole writing and publishing process. For the reader it's a chance to voice their opinions. Just like you have the chance to review products, as a reader you have the prerogative to review an author's "product" as well.
One of the benefits of writing a book review is that you get to analyze the story and understand all that the writers' are trying to teach and portray through their stories. You get a chance to consider the writers' vision of the world and hence develop a different perspective to…

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