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Creepy Legends: Gozu (Cow Head)

I've always thought, what truly frightens us is the unknown. People may be afraid of known enemies, insects, rodents, animals, but what is truly terrifying is the dark. Because in the dark, anything could be hiding. An intruder, a ghost, an animal, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on you. Maybe that's the reason horror movies and stories are written keeping nights and darkness as a main theme. Because what is truly frightening is not knowing all the facts about something. And what you don't know is what can haunt you and hurt you.
A creepy Japanese legend is about Gozu, Cow Head. Now, what is the story about Gozu? No one knows. Yes, the legend goes that the true story of Gozu existed, but was deemed so frightening that someone tore the text of story into fragments and scattered them all over. Now a rumor goes, that a school teacher, tired of the students creating a ruckus, decides to tell them a story. Running out of good stories to tell, he decides to tell t…