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R.I.P. Brian Griffin :'(

In a horrific twist, the creators of family guy, killed off a beloved character in the latest episode. Brian Griffin is just a cartoon dog, I know, but his death left me aghast and deeply upset. The episode itself was so heartbreaking and had me in tears.
In the beginning of the episode, Stewie destroys his time machine after he's almost killed during one of his travels and decides that enough is enough.
Along with his best friend Brian, they decide to get a new lease on life by doing something "normal" like playing hockey outside. Huge mistake!
While Stewie goes inside to get something, Brian is run over by a car. The poor dog didn't stand a chance.
I have to say here that the car did see awfully familiar. I don't know why, but the whole thing seemed suspicious. Maybe it will be revisited in a future episode, I guess.
Anyway, just when I thought that there would be a miracle, a deus ex machina on bringing Brian back, he dies! The monitor flat-lines, there's…