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Scary Stories to tell in the Dark-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

As a growing teenager, my interest in horror was mounting, and I picked any book that even remotely had a horror scene in it.
Luckily, at that time, wonderful series like Goosebumps and Fear Street were on the rise.
On any occasion, and especially my birthday, I would ask for a young adult novella. I must have read each Goosebumps and Fear Street story at least thrice.
I did hear of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark but never read it.
Fortunately, now everything and I mean everything, is being made into a movie.

Scary Stories... is kind of like the books I grew up with. The stories are good but only when watched by budding teenagers.

The movie takes us back in time in 1968. It’s Halloween and a trio of friends: Stella, Chuck and Auggie, want to play a prank on the town’s bully Tommy.

They manage to pull it off but then Chuck sees his elder sister Ruth with Tommy and muddled up.

The trio hides in the drive-in theatre and get into a car that belongs to a drifter, Ramon.

After they are saved from…