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The Witch- my take on the movie with spoilers

Don’t go down the woods today. For deep in the woods, danger lurks that will feed upon you, destroying everything that makes you strong. You have been warned, be careful when you wander into the woods.
Such is the story of ‘The Witch’. Set in a bygone era, the story circles around a family, excommunicated from the plantation and made to leave their home. They quickly settle near the woods and begin their lives until an unforeseen event throws their lives into turmoil.
This is the basic premise of the movie and I was eager to watch it when I read the summary. Now I have to admit that I was tempted to switch it off after watching the first part of the movie. I have watched a couple of low budget horror movies lately, which though rated low on leading review websites, turned out to be actually decent. When the first scene came along and the language stayed true to the era but not easily understood, I thought: well, here goes my lucky streak.
I don’t know why I still watched it a…

Fan (2016)- my take on the movie with spoilers

When you fall in love, at one point or another, you’re doomed to suffer heartbreak. It may be a temporary situation and you may end up making amends. But there are times when no amount of apology can save the love that had so much meaning in your life. In fact, that love was what made you- nurtured you and gave you hope. Without that in your life, without that goodness, what do you become then?
Fan is a movie that shows you the downside of fandom. They say you should never meet your idols. Guess what? They were right!
The movie opens and we get a peek into Gaurav’s life- a simple boy in Delhi who is obsessed with Aryan Khanna, the superstar. Gaurav has grown up watching Aryan and thus his whole life revolves around emulating the great star. In fact, he even considers himself to be a part of Aryan all because his face bears similarities with him. Gaurav calls himself the Junior Aryan Khanna and every year, partakes in a competition where he naturally emerges the winner for portrayin…

The Forest- my take on the movie with spoilers

Relationships can be complicated and it’s not always easy to write them out. We all have a different equation with our families, friends and the people we meet, so to write your version of relationships may not always be agreeable to the audience. They may view relationships a bit differently and would be stunned when the plot deters from perspective.
This is what happened to me when I watched ‘The Forest’. The story is about two women who are twins- Sara and Jess, one of whom is seriously troubled. For two sisters, who are that close, I began to wonder how one of them left her sister alone, knowing well that she was suicidal.
That’s the thing about relationships- some view the very words as a definition of togetherness, others believe in giving complete independence as a sign of respect to the individual. Had Sara kept an eye on Jess, she would have never disappeared and the circumstances that happened would not have happened.
The story centers around the Aokigahara Forest in Ja…

Home (2016)- my take on the movie with spoilers!

The word ‘Home’ itself has such a placating effect on our minds. We think of homes as a place where we are comfortable and safe. Home is where we repose, eat our meals and spend time with our families. In fact, home is pretty much synonymous with family.
There are instances where some people don’t get along with their families and to them, home means just a rest stop before they move away.
For Carrie, the protagonist of the movie, home means visiting her mother who has just come out of the closet and married a woman who has a young daughter. Suddenly, Carrie has a sister and she must now get accustomed to the new habits of the family which includes quite a lot of non-religious beliefs. It is not to say that they are atheists, just that their thoughts on religion isn’t completely explored in the movie.
I must say I was surprised when I started to watch the movie. Yes, the poster is dark and creepy, but the twist in the end is something I couldn’t presuppose.
When the movie beg…

The Boy (2016)- My take on the movie with spoilers

Often you come across people with peculiar habits and even stranger lifestyles. They might be doing things that seem strange to you but to them, that is the most normal thing in the world. It is then that your limitations for tolerance is tested. Can you adjust yourself in a lifestyle that seems completely bizarre to you?
In this sense, Greta manages to show us that she is capable of handling a very aberrant situation. We are introduced to Greta from the very beginning- a woman from America who accepts a job in a small English town. I suppose the reason she even accepts this job is so that she could put a substantial difference between her and her abusive boyfriend.
She soon makes acquaintance with Malcolm- a man who delivers groceries for the family and then meets the parents whereupon she’s introduced to Brahms- not a boy but a porcelain doll. As anyone would have in such an incredulous situation, Greta begins to laugh until she realizes that the parents are serious and she com…

Procrastinating? Maybe....

I know I should be working on the last chapter of my new novel or thinking of a way getting over the last hurdle in the plot or at least reading to get some inspiration to write and learn new storytelling techniques.

Instead I find myself watching horror movies. Oh well, at least I'm writing about them and it helps me achieve the writing goals I've set for myself.

Today: Writing goals still to be met.

Walking goals: Met!

Adding another goal= Good deed goal-- somewhat met today.

Exam- my take on the movie with spoilers.

There’s something about sitting for an exam that never leaves you even years after you’ve sat for your last one. You’ll dream about it, feel every bit of pressure you had felt long ago and worst of all- you will end up staring at a blank paper as all that you have learned for that subject, deserts you.
The feeling of being lost, the pressure of being restrained by a time limit and the most important aspect of exams- being tested for your competence and knowledge- it is an unforgettable experience.
Exams either bring out the best in us or the worst in us. We are being tested for our comprehension on the subject but we are also being tested on how well we perform under pressure and how much we want to win.
In school and college it is all about getting the highest grade, but in the movie ‘EXAM’ the answer to a question can win candidates a wonderful opportunity to work for a high profile company.
The movie gives a whole new nightmare feel to examinations. We are introduced to a ve…

Bleed- my take on the movie with spoilers!

What do I do when I’m free? I pick the most unusual horror movies to watch- the ones where not a lot of people have even heard of. Something about watching really bad horror movies, helps me relax and I suppose it is because of the laughable plot or the atrocious acting.
Bleed, in my opinion wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The poster was mundane and it didn’t help that the few screenshots I found of the movie promised a very tedious viewing experience. I did have a few movies to choose from and eventually I decided to go for this one mainly because it was categorized as a horror and had a better rating than the other movies.
Anyway, I set down to watch the movie, expecting to be bored in the first scene itself and instead I was actually immediately hooked in the first scene itself. For me, when horror movies use the same old tired theme and dark filters and ominous music, I get bored because who wants to watch a cliched horror movie, right? The one where you can already g…