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Learning new languages

I am trying to learn new languages and keep getting confused. Also, as I'm self-teaching myself, I've found that I'm not a very good student. Yikes!
So I have to practice, practice and practice....

I am: sono                   You are: sei    He/she/it is: è  We are: siamo You are (plural): siete                       They are: sono          
PRESENT TENSE OF ETRE (TO BE) I am:   je suis              You are: tu es             He is: il est She is: elle est One is: on est We are: nous sommes You are (plural): vous êtes They are (m): ils sont They are (f): elles sont 
Really need to memorize this!

My Journey in Writing

I think it's important to learn new things everyday if one wants to become a better writer. In the beginning of the year, I promised myself that and even kept a goal that each day be a learning experience. While doing so, I forgot to blog about it, but didn't stop from learning new things. Yes, there were days, when I didn't necessarily get up and reach for a book or surf the net to learn new things as arduously as I probably should have, but I still managed to learn a few things, even if it meant going through different experiences. I met some new people from different age groups and different cultural backgrounds and learned about how different lives can be. Hopefully, this will give me some insight into building characters for my future books. Every day is a learning experience, whether it was done voluntarily or not. Today I learned that I didn't have that much of an ego when it comes to improving myself or my writing. I do get defensive when someone attacks my …
Today, I was reading up in the different styles of art. There are so many styles and each one of them impactful in their own way.

If I wasn't so much in love with Writing, I would want to paint.

Things I did this year that I hadn’t before

I surprised myself this year by doing things that I didn't think I wanted to or was too shy to do. As the year draws to a close, I’m glad that after a crappy last year, I still managed to make this year slightly better by taking chances.
1) Taking part in discussions: In the beginning of the year, I received an email from my editor that stirred up emotions inside of me. Okay, usually I like to take a backseat and follow up on discussions as an audience rather than a participator. The email was sent to the other authors in the publishing house too and thus began a long discussion where I actually learnt a lot. The email that sparked this discussion was about us authors not doing enough to promote our books. I remember reading the email and getting slightly angry as I had been putting more hours promoting my books than writing. In fact I had put my new novel (which I have still not completed) on hold because I wanted to give all my books the chance they deserved. Who knew promoting…

Italian Verbs (-ere)

To ask (present)- Chiedere (Chied+ere)

io (I)- chiedo

tu (you)- chiedi

Lui/Lei (he/she)- chiede

Noi (we)- chiediamo

Voi (formal you)- chiedete

Loro (They)- chiedono


io- +o
tu- +i
lui/lei- +e
noi- +iamo
voi- +ete
loro- +ono

The difference between +are verbs and +ere verbs is that 'e' replaces 'a' in the conjugation for Lui/Lei and Voi.

Italian Verbs (-are)

To learn (present)- Imparare (Impar+are)

io (I)- imparo
tu(you)- impari
Lui/Lei (he/she)-imapara
Noi(we)- impariamo
Voi (formal you)- imparate
Loro (they)- imparano

So basically the suffixes would be:

Io:   +o
Tu:  + i 
Lui/Lei:  +a
Noi:  +iamo
Voi:  +ate
Loro: +ano


Chrysanthemum flowers are said to be symbols to express grief over death. Although many other countries regard it as cheerful and happy, according to some, the flower is a way of offering condolences to those who have lost a loved one.

Italian Months

Testing my Italian basics.


January: gennaio
February: febbraio
March: marzo
April: aprile
May: maggio
June: giugno
July: luglio
August: agosto
September: settembre
October: ottobre
November: novembre
December: dicembre

Apparently the months are not written in Capital letters. Got March and June wrong :(