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Creepy Legends: The Elevator Killer

Elevators can be pretty creepy if you think about it. You are taken up several floors in a metal cage hoisted by cables. Imagine if the cable snaps. Imagine if there is a technical problem and the door doesn't close properly or the elevator arrives but without a floor. If you think about it a lot, you'll see the several flaws of getting into an elevator. Apart from the aforementioned issues, there are also issues of several people getting in at once. Doesn't help people with claustrophobia.
So yes, elevators are scary on their own and it's best not to think about plunging to your death if the metal cage malfunctions or the cables snap.

But here's a legend to give you the creeps. In Korea there is a story about a young woman who gets delayed at the University. When she heads back home, it is very late and there is no one around in the streets. She reaches her apartment building and no one is around on the ground floor. She gets into the elevator and just as the doo…