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Diwali Superstitions

India is known to be a home of many superstitions. In fact, there are some superstitions related to days of the week, and even times during the day when you must perform important work. That means, there is a time in the day which is inauspicious and you must do nothing then.  These superstitions are perpetuated and even encouraged in the daily newspapers.  Especially during the festivals, there will be articles on which color a particular person of a zodiac sign should wear.  Everyone goes through bad days and desperation calls for a belief that may not seem logical.  After all, to a lot of people, what harm can wearing white on Thursday do? 
But it is when these superstitions lead to harmful practices, that it can be a problem.
During Diwali, there is a belief fostered by some people, that if you sacrifice an owl, it will bring luck and prosperity to your house. 
How? Well, Goddess Laxmi is worshipped on Diwali as she is the goddess of wealth. She sometimes travels by owl and people think …