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Stephen King's Movie time!

Prolific horror writer, Stephen King had some of his novels turn into movies this year. I watched two of them- Gerald’s Game and IT

This was one of the novels, that I was dying to read, got it, read a couple of pages, and for some reason, I can’t remember, never finished it. So when I heard that the movie was coming out, I thought it was better I watch that than get disappointed watching it after reading the novel. BECAUSE BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN THEIR MOVIES!
Gerald’s Game reminded me a lot of MISERY. Especially the ending scene.
As for the main story, a couple goes to a remote lake house to spice up their marriage. Of course, it’s a Stephen King story, so even as simple as playing a love game, goes horribly wrong. In this case, the wife is handcuffed to the bed while the husband has a heart attack after consuming a “blue pill”.
Also, since it is a Stephen King movie, there has to be one disturbing scene and when it comes, you almost throw up in your mouth. There’s a dog …

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Vol. 6 -- THE HAUNTED EMPATH

Her powers were about to lead her to her doom. Jadeline had the ability to heal anyone. She could feel what others did and make their ailments disappear. Hedson is a successful entrepreneur, suffering from a mysterious illness, and only Jadeline can help him. But what she doesn’t know is that Hedson was hiding a terrible secret. A secret that tears through Jadeline’s nightmares and enters her reality.

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Halloween Movie Picks!

Halloween is here! Time for a movie marathon of spooky movies.
Not a lot of movies made in recent times have scared of even impressed me. The following list of movies are those that have managed to make me jump! 
Okay, not all of them, but these are the ones that have entertained me at least. 
Spoiler alert! 
1) The Echo-- One of the most unexpectedly scary movies I watched this year. An ex-con moves into his deceased mother’s apartment and hears domestic disturbance coming from the other side of the wall. Of course, nothing is what it seems in this taut thriller.
Scariest scene- When he finds a girl jumping on the bed. Gave me the creeps!

2) Happy Death Day-- A decent slasher movie with light doses of humor. A college girl realizes she’s repeating her birthday every day when she gets killed. In order to stop the cycle, she must find out who wants her dead. The trouble is, her bitchy attitude and her affair with a professor, has garnered her a lot of enemies. Everyone is a suspect…

That Unopened Door

A Collection of Eleven chilling tales that with will spawn nightmares. 
A perfect Halloween read. 
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NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP VOL. 6 -- A collection of chilling stories

Voodoo, greed, and prejudice mar paradise. 

Extraordinary characters create strange bedfellows

Obsession never dies.

Evil Waits in the Darkness

Some whacked game or pure evil?

Ava just wants to play.

Ghost Cat. Don’t honeymoon without one.

What’s the cost of endless cash?

Southern heat can drive you crazy

Her powers were about to lead her to her doom.

Ten tales of horror and frightdom filled with tales scary enough to have you watching your every move are offered for your reading enjoyment. Ten incredibly talented authors contributed to this finale of horror: Noelle Myers, Davina Guy, Ken Newman, David Mannes, Leigh Podgorski, K.A. Meng, Debbie De Louise E.B. Sullivan, Adam Zorzi, and Palvi Sharma serve up stories guaranteed to make your fright night truly fearful.
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It's Halloween!
A day that many of us dedicate to everything horror. Horror movies, horror stories, dressing up in scary costumes...
For people who are horror buffs, like me, they watch horror movie marathons.
But how did Halloween come about? There are many stories about the origin. Mainly, Halloween was actually a festival dedicated to pay respects to the dead. Till today, some cultures don't celebrate it the way the movies show- no costume parties and not even trick-or-treating.
It's about lighting candles and preparing food for the deceased. There are some cultures that distribute sweets and that is to appease the spirits.
Halloween today is celebrated by mostly kids dressing up in costumes, going to their neighbors for candy and sitting around a bonfire, telling horror stories.
The bonfires are thought to keep evil spirits away.
Happy Halloween!

Halloween Party!!!

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol. 6-- THE HAUNTED EMPATH

Her powers were about to lead her to her doom. A terrifying tale coming this Halloween! 

Published by Solstice Publishing  Available on Amazon  

The Echo -- My Take on the movie with spoilers!

How do you make a successful horror movie?
Hire well-known actors, have a thematic background score, use excellent computer graphics. And of course, promote it and conceptualize a chilling poster.
But how do you actually make a good, entertaining horror movie?
Have an incredibly chilling story and execute it efficiently.
For quite some years now, horror movies have kind of reached a saturation point with me. More horror movies are being made, but they all lack substance, apply the same scare tactics- slam doors, screaming ghosts, have the family dog die as soon as a family moves into a new house…all of it has lost its appeal. I would still watch it, though, hoping that one of these stories will inspire me and reignite my passion for horror movies.
Usually, I do tend to pick movies made in the recent years to watch, mostly because I want to stay updated on the trend of stories. But I took a chance this time and watched a movie made almost nine years ago.
The Echo, when I read the summ…

Sinfully Stupid Seven- A whimsical tale

When seven high school students fail their finals, it gives three 
bumbling scientists a chance to try their new experiment on 
All the students have to do is pass the test. 
All the scientists have to do is, inject them with the right 
But of course, nothing goes according to plan. 
Check out this funny tale HERE 

The Haunted Empath -- A New Horror Short story.

My horror short story will be releasing soon. Check it out in the anthology 'NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP VOL. 6'

Release Date: October 31st, 2017

Halloween day!

A Writer's Nightmare

Imagine having a dream so big, so vivid, that you feel disappointed when it ends. Or when you know that you have to wake up at some point. It’s a dream. Dreams don’t ever come true.
Every waking moment feels sheer drudgery. Without that essence of a dream, life becomes melancholic. Bland, even. Real life is far from fiction, that much is blatantly obvious. Real life, all those moments encompassed in a day, all of it is beyond control.
In the fiction world, there is safety in knowing that the world will only collapse when you want it to. When it gets too much, there is that sense of relief, that all of it will not engulf you and destroy the characteristics that made you, you. Fiction world is where sanity exists. It is where happiness lies. It’s a dream that doesn’t depend on waking up.
As a writer, I’ve had many such realizations, epiphany too sometimes. It is not an easy road to travel. The words in my head turned into a story that needed to be written. The story became my excuse to…

What happened to Tina?

Find out what happens to Tina here

Wish Upon-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Imagine having the chance to make wishes and have them all come true. What’s the first wish that comes to your mind?
Now wait, there’s a string attached. You can make only seven wishes. All of them are guaranteed to come true. This is when your desires are bottle-necked. As humans we have so many desires, all of it to make our lives easier. Since we can only make a limited amount of wishes, a few of them will have to be crossed out to make place for others that will enrich your life.
Okay, now that all the wishes have been listed down, here’s another catch- all your wishes will come true, BUT there’s a blood price.
Do you still want to make wishes? Are you that desperate to make them?
Apparently, Clare is desperate enough to not care.
Wish upon begins with a woman throwing away a wrapped parcel in the garbage can. Then she goes into the house and hangs herself, in the presence of her little daughter.
Years later, Clare awakens from this very nightmare. It was no dream. Her mother had…

Repeated Lives Book II on Amazon Kindle!

Halloween is about to get spookier!

An anthology of scary stories, coming soon this October!