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The Assent -- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The mind can be so dangerous. We believe in what we see and hear. That is the truth of this world for us.

Then suddenly the mind collapses when experiencing trauma and causes a mental disorder.

What you see now is no longer the truth, but it is yours only.

The shadows, the voices, are they really there or a trick of the broken mind?

The story is about Joel, a man struggling to keep it together so that he can keep his son Mason with him.

He works as a mechanic, sees a therapist on a regular basis, and has a babysitter to take care of his son when he has to go work.

With what little he has, he has managed to keep stable. But he does see visions of demons that he believes to be because of his schizophrenia.

Joel tries to make his life work and when we see him blow up in anger, his frustrations are palpable.

Then one day, the babysitter announces that she’s leaving for college. As good as her intentions are for helping out Joel, she barely gives him enough notice to find another babysitter.