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New Ebook!!!!!

So this is my very first self-published ebook. Yay!

I've been so busy working on this for the past few weeks that I couldn't even think of anything else, much less contribute to my other blog The Secret Fable

Hopefully, now I'll be able to write more often. Whenever my brain unscrambles that is.

Here's the link to my ebook exclusive on Amazon Kindle: The Ensnared

Repeated Lives

Download my first ebook ' Repeated Lives' for free here:

Italian Verbs (-ire) ending in -isc

To prefer (present)- Preferire (Prefer+ire)

Io- preferisco

Tu- preferisci

Lui/Lei- preferisce

Noi- preferiamo

Voi- preferite

Loro- preferiscono


io= +isco

tu= +isci

lui/lei= +isce

noi= +iamo

voi= +ite

loro= +iscono