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For the past few days, I've been so upset over reading news stories regarding the Delhi rape victim. What happened to her was terrible and I was hoping that the attackers would be caught soon and she would finally recover and go on with her life.

This was before I learned the horrible details. She was gang-raped by six men who tortured her with a metal rod and then threw her off a moving bus like she was trash. This despicable act was fortunately not hidden and spread over every new channel. The reason I say this is because, it created awareness of a major problem in the society where a raped girl is disgraced and blamed for being attacked which then causes her to remain quiet about the incident and therefore lead to the attacker walking away free.

Is this why they do it? Because they know that a girl wouldn't report to the police for shame that may be brought upon her and her family? The fact that the girl remains quiet or is forced to, results in the attacker to continue co…
Today, I was reading up in the different styles of art. There are so many styles and each one of them impactful in their own way.

If I wasn't so much in love with Writing, I would want to paint.

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Behind the stories part 3: Francesca and Eliza

I began writing this after I completed Repeated Lives and had another idea for a Dark Fantasy book. It started with the opening scene. That’s all I had at first and that was also what drew me in to work on it. I think I must have written about half of it when I left it. I think I must have suffered writer’s block or was shifting to a new home. Anyway, I had lost somewhat interest in this and wasn't planning to complete it. It was around that time that my editor asked me if I was working on anything. I was fairly new at being a writer and didn't want to admit that even though I was working on a few ideas, nothing had worked out so far. I remembered about this book and immediately responded that I was working on another manuscript. I completed it quickly and the result was a huge mess. There was too much confusion regarding the plot and the characters were behaving off. Not to mention that as the creator of this story, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I put it away…

Behind the Stories Part 2: Repeated Lives Book 2

I was never going to write a sequel to any of my stories. As far as I knew, Talia had gotten her (more or less) happy ending at the end of Repeated Lives. But after working on two more books, I took this upon as a challenge. The challenge was this- could I actually write a sequel considering how things ended in the first? It wasn't easy. I wrote this in 2010 while the first was written in almost four years ago. I had to go back and study the characters once again and learn why they had behaved the way they did. This one is darker than the first. Talia is the same girl, but due to one mistake and an impulsive decision, she’s sent back to live her life once again. Only this time, Talia’s life isn't as balanced as before and she struggles with new changes.
Also, I did forget to mention one more thing. The inspiration for Repeated Lives also came from a song. It was a cover of ' In the air tonight' by Full Blown Rose. While working on the sequel, I went back to listening…

Behind the stories Part 1: Repeated Lives

This was my very first published book and it belongs in the dark fantasy genre. At the time when I wrote this, I was a bit obsessed about going back in time and changing things in the past. I was also interested in the concept of reincarnation- okay, I still am. But most importantly, I used to wonder if my life would have turned out differently had some events not occurred the way they had. Everything could have gone in a completely different direction and I would have been a different person. I kept thinking about this over and over in my head until I had a dream that pretty much explained to me that no matter how much I changed things, I was destined to live through particular experiences. I really did try in my dream to change things, but somehow the wheels turned in the very same direction I was trying to avoid. Suffice to say, it gave me a new sense of perspective on everything and the ending of the story came from that experience.

You can read it for free here

Things I did this year that I hadn’t before

I surprised myself this year by doing things that I didn't think I wanted to or was too shy to do. As the year draws to a close, I’m glad that after a crappy last year, I still managed to make this year slightly better by taking chances.
1) Taking part in discussions: In the beginning of the year, I received an email from my editor that stirred up emotions inside of me. Okay, usually I like to take a backseat and follow up on discussions as an audience rather than a participator. The email was sent to the other authors in the publishing house too and thus began a long discussion where I actually learnt a lot. The email that sparked this discussion was about us authors not doing enough to promote our books. I remember reading the email and getting slightly angry as I had been putting more hours promoting my books than writing. In fact I had put my new novel (which I have still not completed) on hold because I wanted to give all my books the chance they deserved. Who knew promoting…

New Ebook!

This is my first Smashwords ebook and also my very first short stories collection. One of the stories in this ebook is the first story I had ever written when I was a teenager. I did have to rewrite most of it again, but this story will always remain close to my heart.

The story is called 'The Challenge' and can be read here