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Focus on Love

Valentine’s Day is known as the day of love-- a day where you make your loved ones feel special. Some use it to proclaim and propose their loved ones and woo them with flowers, chocolates and jewelry. It's a day where couples indulge in a little pampering, have candlelight dinners and watch romantic flicks. There have been many romantic movies over the years that have become cult classics. Some are based on tragic regional stories and Shakespeare's plays (Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet, etc), others are given a romantic twists on real-life events like the Titanic. Most recently, romantic movies focus on physical compatibility more than anything else. There have always been movies to reflect every woman's fantasy, be it classics or modern fairytales. But the concept has always been the same. Guy and girl falls in love, the guy is aloof but hides a heart of gold, the girl misunderstands him at first then realizes what  wonderful man he is and the film ends with a romantic ges…

Roy (movie)-- My Review

Roy was one of those movies I was looking forward to watching this year, mostly because of the rather dark and intriguing poster. Then when the soundtrack came out, I was thrilled. Roy, without a doubt, has one of the best soundtracks so far this year. My decision was made- I wanted to watch the movie as soon as it came out. After watching it, all I can say is that Roy would have worked best as a novel because as a movie it fails to keep the audience engaged. The unimportant scenes are too lengthy and the few (very few!) Interesting parts are barely articulated well. One of the major flaws of the movie is the editing. The story could be told in an hour but the poor editing stretches it to almost three. It's three hours of watching the actors wear drab clothes and sullen expressions. My biggest gripe with the movie was the way the songs were placed. An excellent soundtrack deserved an excellent choreography. Alas, this isn't so. The peppy numbers are awkwardly placed and th…

Sharjah Light Festival- A Glimpse

Sharjah Light Festival

A magical evening in Sharjah!

Words Can Hurt!

Not many people realize that words can be hurtful. What is once said can never be taken back and is engraved in a person’s mind forever. Bullying used to be about using physical force to harass someone, but over the years, this atrocious act has also become about including hurtful and derogatory words. Those who have never been bullied, will never understand the pain the victim feels when they are constantly harried and barraged with insults until they begin to believe them. The sad truth of bullying is this: many victims develop low self-esteem because they are placed in an environment where people are constantly telling them they are worthless. Some wither away into loneliness while others unfortunately resort to taking drastic steps such as self-harming. Yes, it is unfortunate that words can hold such power to destroy a person’s self-esteem forever and it doesn’t help that bullying someone has become easier with social media. As there is a lack of moderators on several popular …