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I could receive a hundred praises for my writing, but one 'bad' comment and suddenly it's the end of the world! Ugh!!!

Italian Verbs (-ire)

To dress (present)- Vestire (Vest+ire)

Io- vesto

Tu- vesti

Lui/Lei- veste

Noi- vestiamo

Voi- vestite

Loro- vestono


io= +o
tu= +i
lui/lei= +e
noi= +iamo
voi= +ite
loro= +ono

Italian Verbs (-ere)

To ask (present)- Chiedere (Chied+ere)

io (I)- chiedo

tu (you)- chiedi

Lui/Lei (he/she)- chiede

Noi (we)- chiediamo

Voi (formal you)- chiedete

Loro (They)- chiedono


io- +o
tu- +i
lui/lei- +e
noi- +iamo
voi- +ete
loro- +ono

The difference between +are verbs and +ere verbs is that 'e' replaces 'a' in the conjugation for Lui/Lei and Voi.

Italian Verbs (-are)

To learn (present)- Imparare (Impar+are)

io (I)- imparo
tu(you)- impari
Lui/Lei (he/she)-imapara
Noi(we)- impariamo
Voi (formal you)- imparate
Loro (they)- imparano

So basically the suffixes would be:

Io:   +o
Tu:  + i 
Lui/Lei:  +a
Noi:  +iamo
Voi:  +ate
Loro: +ano

Awakened One Night

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