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Horror movies this year 2018


That's the number of horror movies I watched this year. Some of them were good, some I expected to be good and weren't. This was a year when I took a chance with different sub genres in horror and was, well, occasionally disappointed.

It's weird how most of the horror movies I watched made me laugh more.

Anyway, here are some I did enjoy watching, not ranked, but listed according to when I saw them.

1. Jigsaw (because of the twist)

2. Delirium (because I'm still trying to make sure I understood the plot. Yes, still. Nice twists)

3. Marrowbone (I should have guessed what was happening. At one point I did but then the writing got better and I thought I must be wrong).

4. Pari  (a myth that gave me the creeps. Somehow you end up feeling sorry for Pari)

5. Bed of the dead (low budget, interesting premise, a little funny)

6. Lake Mungo (a found  footage/documentary style movie. The story was intense and well told)

7. Truth or Dare (my favorite game with a horror twist)

Bird Box— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Picture this, you're in a world where inexplicable things are happening. People are killing themselves for no reason and this threat, whatever it is, cannot harm you if you do not see it. So what do you do to combat this evil?

You put on a blindfold.

It is a terrifying thought to never be able to see the world around you anymore, isn't it?

But what is this threat? Where did it come from? Who realized first that if you don't see it, it cannot harm you?

These are some questions not answered in the movie but you must make the deduction yourself.

Bird box is actually two different plots, blended together. In one, we see Malorie, a woman, a painter, deserted by her husband and now pregnant. She has issues with motherhood and couldn't care less for her baby. Her sister advises her that the worst thing wouldn't be that she would have someone, but that she would be alone.

Before Malorie can process a suggestion given by her doctor to consider giving away her baby, disaste…

In the dark...

All That is Left 

A girl suffering from PTSD tries to find closure. The only way—revenge.

Read an excerpt here

Forest of the Dark 

Five friends pay the ultimate price when one of them commits a sin.

Read an excerpt here

Rage House

A girl moves into a haunted house with her family. The real horror, however, is when she discovers her best friend's intentions for her.

Read an excerpt here

They will pay


Exclusive Excerpt from All That is Left 


A few blocks from Aaron’s apartment, was the Redtrain
Avenue where there were shops, restaurants and cafes. It mostly served as a rest stop for the students in Vilmonte College who were too tired to make the half an hour drive all the way to the city.
Aaron didn’t mind the small town in which he stayed. The people were civil and didn’t bother him and there was a nice little lake down the road which hardly took him fifteen minutes to get to.
On such an evening when his head felt heavy and weary, he could think of nothing better than to walk to the lake and spend some time gazing at the placid waters. His hands in the pockets of his jacket, he found himself returning to his earlier thoughts.
Misha, the girl who had done nothing to him and only been her sweet kind self. And what had he done? Without thinking, Aaron started to walk faster, trying to evade the next thought that was going to accuse him for being such…

Searching– My take on the movie with spoilers!

SearchingWhen I first joined Facebook, it was at a time when not everyone was aware of it. The only reason I joined was not to connect with classmates, but to play social games online. I would login every now and then.Over the years, the popularity for Facebook grew and soon more and more social networks became prominent. Now social media isn't just to connect with people you know, but has also become a source of world news and celebrity gossip. Infact, many news sources quote celebrities from their messages on social media.I know of a TV show that is based entirely on what celebrities are talking about on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. As if we can't check those apps on our own?I first saw the trailer of Searching when I went to see The Nun. I was immediately intrigued by the premise because this can literally happen to any one of us. As adults we are aware of the risks of being conned. Teenagers, perhaps not so much.The story is told through computer screens and we see…

Blaze: A Team Omega Thriller

A scream for help…
Flames racing to devastate homes and forests…

Elementals rise up and assist in putting out the fires…
Voices cry out in fear and panic. Evacuations are threatened by out of control wildfires. Forest fires explode into existence throughout the Golden State. Flames scorch hopes and dreams. Citizens perish. Homes vanish under the fiery onslaught. All hope seems lost…
Into this maelstrom, a group of men and women work to control the wildfires and find a cause. They don’t quit, they don’t back down, they seek an end to the destruction. Despite their best efforts, they are stymied by a faction of their organization. These people are willing to do anything at all, even cause panic and disaster, in order to be acknowledged as the best in their field.
These aren’t ordinary people. They’re gifted with powers to control the elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. But they are divided, which weakens them when they need to be their strongest.

Can these heroes stop a disaster?
Get the…

Author's Note: About inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes.

Lately, I've been finding these so called "inspirational quotes" to be a tad annoying. Literally every one of them asks you to change your perspective on how you see things.

There are examples given of two men sitting in a bus. One is looking out at a view of mountains and sunrise, the other has the view of rocks. Change your perception, it says. Sure, the other guy could exchange seats and sit on the other side of the bus. But...what if the bus was full? What if the windows was blocked by tall people? What if the passengers sitting on that side preferred to draw the curtains?

The problem with asking you to change your perception is akin to blaming you for your problems. You don't have something to eat? Guess what, it is your fault. You are being bullied? Your fault. People stealing from you? Your fault again.

How No, it is not my fault some people choose to behave a certain way. It isn't my fault if I feel sad, hurt, betrayed, …

Stree— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Every country, city, town or village have their own folklore, most of them based on superstition. I've always believed most of these stories were created to keep people in line and let them follow rules. However, most of these rules are made up for women. In most of these myths you'll find horror stories of women being abducted or possessed because they wandered about at night. This is just to throw a veil on the real cause of worry of a woman roaming alone at night. After all, when has it ever been safe for a woman to walk alone at night? Over the years, these myths have been disregarded and seen as ridiculous. It is always interesting to read about them, though. They provide an interesting base for horror stories. One such myth has been the basis of the movie Stree. Apparently in a small town, people believed a woman in bridal attire, knocked on homes and abducted the men. To prevent this from happening, they wrote on their walls: naala ba, bhoota or o Stree, repu raa, which rough…

No one hears your screams


My sister disappeared two days ago. When she came back, she was no longer the same.


While on a road trip, five friends get in an accident only to wake up in a strange forest separated from each other. When they each encounter the creatures that inhabit the forest, they realize they must face their fears in order to find each other and survive the terrors. The only problem is, they are running out of time…


There was something about the way Neil looked at her that made Alisha feel nervous. He was supposed to be her best friend, nothing more.
One night, he decides he wants more than friendship from her.

Alisha thinks she's all alone in the house with him.

But there's something under her bed, awakening, crying, screaming...enraged. And it won't stop until the mystery of the house is solved.


There was something familiar about her...

Seven years ago, Aaron's girlfriend Misha disappeared.

He moves to another town, hoping a new start w…

Halloween— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Lately, I've taken a liking to movies from the 70s and 80s and have watched many, trying to understand what makes them a cult classic.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I absolutely love the Nightmare on Elm Street series.
Friday the 13th is good too.
What I'll never understand is the craze for Halloween.
For some reason, I just couldn't get into the original. Maybe because it was the music that always signalled Michael's arrival, therefore erasing any suspense generated for the thrilling moments.
Or maybe it seemed like it was dragging. Or perhaps it was because Michael's motives were mindless. Regardless of the reason, I found myself turning it off before I could finish it.
When the new one was announced, I was actually intrigued. I thought, maybe the old one didn't interest me because it was using a tired old formula of stalking and killing. I saw a lot of slasher movies before I saw the original Halloween. So maybe that was the reason?
The trailer…

Three frightening stories

After reading these stories, you will want to check under your bed every night.

Forest of the Dark
As night falls, five friends meet their worst nightmares. Separated after an accident, they must find each other if they want to escape the terrors of the forest. However, one of them harbors a deadly secret that just might cost everyone their lives.
Rage House
Alisha has just moved into a new house and hates everything about it. Especially her room. When she hears scratching sounds under her bed, she investigates and finds a terrible secret about the house.  Her best friend Neil, no longer seems interested in just being friends with her. Alisha sets him straight but Neil won't take no for an answer.  Then one night, he crosses the line and all Alisha has for help are the ghosts in her house.
All That is Left
Two people cross paths seven years after a disturbing incident. 
Aaron is still filled with remorse after his high school girlfriend was abducted on the day he dumped her.  Rhea cannot fo…

Hold your breath— my take on the movie with spoilers!

Years ago, I read in a young adult fiction how a character would always hold her breath when she passed graveyards.
I was so influenced by books then that I did exactly that whenever I passed by a cemetery.
That's the thing about superstitions. You end up believing in them without trying to understand them or asking why.
Hold your breath explains why you should take some superstitions seriously. Or not.
The movie begins with a group of friends off on a camping trip. None of their backstories matter. You know what kind of movie this is after they show a criminal being electrocuted years before. You know he's coming back to kill again.
None of the friends are likable so you end up wondering who will survive and who will be the first victim.
They come across a grave site and one of them screams at everyone to hold their breath. Why? Because some souls are so evil, not even hell takes them and they are cursed to roam around their graves.
The friends blow up their cheeks. They could cover…

All That is Left– Behind the story.

Some of the most important questions are asked while writing.
Everyday, we face new challenges, new problems, and scurry for solutions.
At that moment we think the problem we are facing is so extreme that no one else must understand what we are going through.
Then we watch the news and are shocked to find how many terrible things are happening around the world. As understanding of this grows, we ask ourselves, what of the news that is not being reported?
Everyday, something terrible is happening and also, everyday someone is having the best day of their lives.
Life is like that and we comfort ourselves with either being ignorant of world issues or praying, as selfish as it sounds, that thankfully it is not happening to us.
These questions and issues cannot be escaped when writing.
You have to ask these questions, you have to imagine being in that situation. And as always, you must ask, what would I do in this situation?

There were a lot of questions I have asked myself while working …