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THE BYE BYE MAN-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The Bye Bye ManDon’t think it, don’t say it. Honestly, don’t even watch it. Every story has some kind of potential to become an entertaining movie, that has always been my opinion. However, after watching this, I’ve come to realize that not every tale needs to be brought on screen. This movie is a prime example of how erroneous that notion was. The problem lies in the storyline, the blame should be thrust upon the person who helmed this project. It could have been a creepy monster movie, somewhere along the lines of the legend of the slender man, instead, it's a convolution of events that hardly flow seamlessly. There is no beginning, no middle and no proper ending. In fact, it doesn't even contain the essential ingredients of a compelling storyline that keeps viewers glued to their seats. That means, there is literally no turning point in the story and makes no effort to scare and amaze the audience. When you have a title as The Bye Bye Man, you think of it is an origin story…

Meet the Characters from Forest of the Dark- 3

Meet Maya!

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Meet the Characters from Forest of the Dark - 2

Meet Dhiraj!

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Meet the Characters from Forest of the Dark

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Johnny Frank Garett’s Last Word-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Johnny Frank Garett’s Last Word.
Yes, that’s the title of the movie. Long as it is, I have to admit that the movie was actually decent. It had an old world vibe, didn’t try to be too flashy or gory. This is not to say that it was a very scary movie. It actually wasn’t at all and I’m glad the movie didn’t reply on jump scares.
The movie wasn’t scary. What was scary, though, was what was happening to the characters of the movie.
A curse can be pretty powerful. When someone is hurt, what comes out of their heart (metaphorically speaking) can cause that bitterness to drill into the lives of someone who has hurt them.
Johnny was a simpleton, a man with an IQ level that was below 70. Someone who had been abused in the past and could hardly read or write. He was hiding away from his abusive home by helping out at the church. He seemed like a decent boy, now doesn’t he?
Except, poor Johnny is accused of murder because a psychic said she saw him murdering a nun in her vision. Since…

Who is Aadita?

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