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Remember when superhero movies used to be all about good always triumphing over evil? Sure the hero would face some conflicts of his own but the minute he donned on his superhero costume, all of it would be sorted out along with the criminal activity in his hometown. The pictures had so much color and the theme would be constant and light. The audience were assured that even though the hero was going through some trying times in the first half, as soon as he got his powers, everything would be fine and the climax would have a mind blowing action scene where the whole city would finally hail the previoulsy misunderstood hero. That was the fun quotient in watching these superhero flicks- that it made us feel safe knowing that there will always be an end to evil. However, in recent years, superhero movie have just not been as comforting. The real world is in a state of turmoil. There are wars, earthquakes and mindless killing of innocents by maniacs. At this trying time, when we seek sol…

Writing..full speed ahead!

This is me at the moment. Working on a new story and have turned into a complete zombie.

May is here!!!

May this month be awesome!