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February Horror Movies

February may be the month of love- valentine’s day and all, but for someone who is addicted to horror movies, romance takes a backseat. If anything, I probably watched more horror movies than in any other month. So, here’s the list.
Eloise-- Past and present get twisted in this horror movie. Basically, a guy is about to inherit a lot of money from a relative he didn’t know existed. There is a snag, however. The death certificate is in a mental asylum that has been shut down and a court order to get the certificate would take months. Without another thought and with the help from his best friend, a bartender and her brother, the guy breaks into the asylum. Of course, the asylum is haunted, but what the guy and bartender don’t know is that they have always been connected by an incident in their childhood. Turns out the guy is actually the child of a psychotic psychologist who conducted illegal experiments on his patients. The bartender was the daughter of a nurse who helped …

Intriguing Reads

Being hunted was the easy part. Having her secret exposed, wasn't. 

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Scary Reads

Everyone has a secret. Some of them can get you killed. 

Eternal Secrets on Amazon

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Eternal Secrets-- Excerpt

Read the first three chapters of  'Eternal Secrets' HERE 

News about Aadita

My novel 'Aadita' now has a brand new cover and is available on paperback as well!

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