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Horror reads for the holidays!

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Mara— My take on the movie with spoilers!

The weird thing about horror writers (me included) is that we try to find a way to twist ordinary things into something that can give others the jitters. And sometimes, when horror writers run out of ideas, the easiest way to overcome that writer's block is to simply flip the things that other people consider as simple, good and pure. 
After all, the antonym of good is evil.
Which is why there will always be little girls cast to play the possessed or evil. Or why dolls are made evil. Literally everything we take for granted, can be twisted into something evil. 
All that was left was sleeping.
Imagine not being able to sleep, not because you would be hounded by a man in a red and black striped sweater who has knives for fingers. No, Mara brings in a new terror: sleep and you won't be able to move and have to helplessly watch a creature suck your soul out.
Mara is about a creature, made to look like a tall, lanky woman, who becomes visible only when someone experiences sleep par…

All That is Left excerpt

“I can’t get over what
happened in high school. I can’t understand how you were
able to. That incident refuses to leave my thoughts.”
Shanaya narrowed her eyes. “What are you talking
about?” she asked incredulously. “Of course I think about it
every day, but I also know that it wasn’t my fault. I had
nothing to do with what happened to her.”
“It was our fault,” Aaron told her and dropped her
hands. “If Misha hadn’t seen us together, she wouldn’t
have walked away from the school. She would have waited
for her father to pick her up, but she was so brokenhearted
that she...she was kidnapped because of what we did to
Shanaya shook her head. “No, Aaron. You have to
stop blaming yourself and me for that. We couldn’t have
predicted that she would be taken.”
“She was your best friend. Don’t you feel any
remorse?” Aaron asked.
Shanaya crossed her arms. “I did. But I didn’t have
the foresight to see what was going to happen next. Neither
did you, Aaron. I refuse to li…

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Slender Man— My take on the movie with spoilers!

"You better be careful of Slender Man may catch you."

The first time I heard this from a friend, I had no idea who Slender Man was and I immediately did a quick research on him. At that time, all I saw was an image of a faceless man in a business suit.

The second time was because of the infamous case that involved two young girls. I searched for Slender Man yet again and found an image of him with tentacles sprouting on his back.

The thing about this fictional being is, it doesn't have a proper backstory, only an appearance. Over the years, it has been imaginative minds that have made up creepy stories about Slender Man and yes, they are more frightening than the movie.

The main problem with the movie was that it couldn't quite define how they wanted the monster Slender Man to be. They could have gone many ways with this and instead, ends up being a lackluster story that doesn't make sense.

In one version of the story, Slender Man is thought to lure children and…

All That is Left— exclusive chapter


There was only darkness around her.
Misha had never been afraid of the dark, in fact, as a child she had always insisted that a game of hide and seek be played with the lights out while the other girls her age would deem the game as too frightening, especially when played in an abandoned house.
In all of her seventeen years, Misha had never been afraid of anything, but waking up in pitch black when she was supposed to be home and in the safety of her room, was starting to unnerve her.
She swallowed and blinked her eyes, hoping she would get used to her surroundings and figure out where she was.
The last thing she remembered was walking out of the school gates and searching for her boyfriend. She had asked his friends where he was and none of them answered her. In fact one of them had averted his eyes and then walked away while stumbling over a feeble ‘he must be around here, somewhere’. She should have known then and there that they were part of the deceit, but she had thought…

The Witch in the Window—my take on the movie with spoilers!

The biggest challenge we face is trying to conquer the one thing that we are afraid of. Unfortunately, we must do it every time, everyday, and in moments we least expect will occur. 
More often than not, we must put aside our fear because we have to be strong and courageous for someone else who is depending on us. 
The Witch in the Window is one movie that reminds us that no matter how scared you are, it must be triumphed over for the sake of the people you love. 
The story is about Simon who has bought a house he wants to flip over and sell it for a profit. Deep inside, he is hoping to just renovate it so that he and his family can live there. Yes, Simon is separated from his wife and wishes he could have his wife Beverly back. His son Simon is moody and sulks, but helps his father with the renovations and has plenty of heart to heart taklks with his father.
Fortunately, this isn't one of those movies where the door slams for no reason or eerie loud music plays to announce the arriva…