Ruin Me— My take on the movie with spoilers!

As much as I enjoy watching horror movies, I have to wonder, would I like to participate in a horror-themed event and play a character in one of my favorite horror movies? At the amusement park, when you visit a haunted house, you sort of know it's all fake, and that you are in a protected environment. And most importantly, that it will end in a couple of minutes. You'll be back home in no time, so it is easy to dissociate yourself from the whole horror theme. Now, imagine participating in a slasher sleepover. You get your personal items taken away, your cellphones especially. You have a mask drawn over your head and taken to an unknown location. Once there, you are given a set of puzzles to solve all the while some disturbing events keep occurring around you, designed to freak you out. Are you game? Alex, along with her boyfriend Nathan, go on a horror movie themed camping trip and meet another couple and two guys. After having their personal belongings taken, and kidnapped, …

Mercy Black— My take on the movie with spoilers!

When you create a monster, do you also become one? I mean, you have the capacity to instill evil into something you have created, and even if you weren't someone who held bad intentions for anyone, after creating something nefarious, wouldn't you become your own creation? After all, you've spent so much time in your mind: conceiving, building, innovating. It takes a toll on your mind, breaking your sanity sometimes. Perhaps this is what happens to the three girls in Mercy Black. The story begins with scene flashes of two girls in the woods, screaming. Cut to fifteen years later, and Marina is being released from the mental rehab centre, although she isn't very keen to be out. Her sister comes pick her up and she has a young son. Her sister does whatever to protect her son from the real world. She tells him his father has gone on a mission, and her aunt was at art school. She's dating a weirdo called Will who is great with the son but has a weird fascination …

Creepy Legends: The Elevator Killer

Elevators can be pretty creepy if you think about it. You are taken up several floors in a metal cage hoisted by cables. Imagine if the cable snaps. Imagine if there is a technical problem and the door doesn't close properly or the elevator arrives but without a floor. If you think about it a lot, you'll see the several flaws of getting into an elevator. Apart from the aforementioned issues, there are also issues of several people getting in at once. Doesn't help people with claustrophobia.
So yes, elevators are scary on their own and it's best not to think about plunging to your death if the metal cage malfunctions or the cables snap.

But here's a legend to give you the creeps. In Korea there is a story about a young woman who gets delayed at the University. When she heads back home, it is very late and there is no one around in the streets. She reaches her apartment building and no one is around on the ground floor. She gets into the elevator and just as the doo…

Polaroid — My take on the movie with spoilers!

What is a horror movie without jump scares? What is a garage sale without someone selling off a cursed/haunted object? And why are these items sold when a relative is alive and aware of its malevolent characteristics? Unless they want to unleash terrible, and supernatural forces on the unsuspecting public. In this case, I do wonder if perhaps the wife of the supernatural entity, did want to cause some chaos and deaths. If so, then she was the real evil of the movie. Even more so considering what is revealed in the end. The movie begins with an introvert girl called Bird being giften a Polaroid camera by her coworker who immediately wants a kiss in return. She rebuffs him but not the valuable gift which she takes and runs with, leaving behind the case. In the midst of the co-worker's failed attempt to woo Bird, a photo is taken and it is only when Bird goes home that she notices a dark mark in the background. That evening, she is dragged to a costume party where she starts snapping…

Apartment 212— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Building a new life is such a daunting thought. After all the terrible things that happen, can we really move on believing that things will finally turn around? What if the next step you take, to take control of your life, is actually another terrible mistake waiting to ensnare your happiness. The question is, can you really escape a terrible phase that has captured your life? Jennifer thinks she's made a clean getaway from her wretched life when she moves into a new house. She makes friends with the neighbors and is looking forward to getting a job. When a neighbor dies under mysterious circumstances, her belongings are up for grabs, and Jennifer takes a decorative box with a weird creature engraved on the lid. Soon enough, she wakes up every morning with strange bites on her body. Of course, she's so perplexed and exhausted by this strange occurrence, that she screws up the interview and returns home, dejected. Slowly, she realizes that the creature is coming to life. What d…

The Curse of La Llorona — My take on the movie with spoilers!

When someone hurts you, breaks your heart and your trust, sometimes, unknowingly, you utter a curse upon them. You want them to feel the same anguish as you did, to have their hearts broken the way yours did. At time you are so overwhelmed with feelings of revenge, you don't consider anyone in your path. Even people you care about. La Llorona is a popular Mexican urban legend that was featured in various shows, movies and plays over the years. It is about a beautiful woman who lives in a village. One day, a handsome man rides through her village, sets his eyes on her and falls in love. She reciprocates his feelings and they marry and have two sons. Everything is going fine, until one day, she finds her husband in the arms of another woman. Consumed with anguish and jealousy, she drowns her two sons, thinking it was the ultimate revenge to take away those his husband cherished. It was when she found them floating in the river that realization set in. In her rage, she had killed tho…

Us— My take on the movie with spoilers!

A couple of years ago, a huge scientific breakthrough had made headlines: cloning.
Some time later, it was deemed illegal to clone humans, but that didn't deter scifi fans to make several movies on the topic.
Over the years, only a few movies did justice to the topic. The Island, is one such example.
After that, there was a dearth of good movies on cloning, which was perhaps a good thing. I've never been a huge fan of scifi movies anyway.
Ten minutes into the movie Us, and I grew skeptical. The minute they showed rabbits in cages, I understood it was a movie about clones.
However, by the end of it, I was highly impressed. The movie had all the twists and turns and surprises of a well made thriller.
Yes, it is from the director of Get Out, another remarkable movie.
I was so impressed that I am ready to watch anything that the director's name will be attached to. I know now that a director can make or break a movie. Story, acting aside, direction is the most important part o…