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Two Heads Creek--My take on the movie with spoilers!

You grow up. You follow your parents' career path. You dedicate all your time to it. You think, hey, I’m just following in my parent’s footsteps. Nothing wrong with it. It’s in my blood to do exactly what they did.
But it turns out you’re not good at your job. Worse, you find out your parents are not really your parents.
Now that’s confusing. You’ve learned the trade somewhat. You have an established store. But somehow the business isn’t running as it is supposed to be. Should you stay on and improve, or find out if you were meant to do something else? Perhaps your biological parents do something that you can take on.
Two Heads Creek is deliciously funny and just as nauseatingly gory. Things seem off as the movie begins and by the end of it, you will be chuckling, yet disgusted.
The movie begins with a man named Norman living in Britain and running a butchery that his late mother left him. He gets bullied a lot and literally has faeces thrown on his window, but he responds meekl…
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Guess how it ends: The Lie

The trailer for The Lie has finally landed, and it does seem like a compelling thriller. Of course I can't wait to see it but I also can't help but feel like the trailer gave away some important plot points. Kayla's friend does seem like a victim of abuse. When Kayla says that her friend's father was abusing his daughter, was that the lie or the truth? 
My guess is that the  daughter  wanted to escape the abuse she was subjected to and concocted the whole plan with her friend to escape and frame her father. So does she really stage her death? But why would Kayla take it upon herself that she pushed her friend off the bridge?
When she talks to her family about lies, is there something that Jay is hiding? There has to be a reason why Kayla puts herself in the middle of everything. She must want to expose her family's secret as well or simply test her family's love for her.
The truth will be revealed when the movie releases.

The Legend of Amara: Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREEThe walk back home was excruciating. Being alone with maddening thoughts was torturous, but Kiara knew she had to endure it.

Usually, she would make the trip lively by wearing her headphones and blasting rock music into her ears to deaden her misery.

But today was different. Her hands were numb after what she had witnessed. Someone she knew, died in front of her. Someone she knew since childhood showed no compassion even in such circumstances and didn’t bother to drop her home.

On top of it all, Kiara knew her mother was still unaware of the incident at school. She was too preoccupied dealing with her own misery to even put on the TV or check online for the news.

She felt for the phone in her pocket, but her fingers still wouldn’t pry it out. What was the point anyway? She would only receive a busy tone.The road ahead was dreary, the sky above graying. The trees that lined the road swayed in the wind, making a terrible whooshing sound that reminded her of an incident that too…