I See You-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

I’ll never understand why horror movies are based on families with large houses. The perplexing issue here is not that story writers find potential in throwing a scary scene here or there, but the fact that these families own houses so big they have no idea what is going on inside.

Okay, before I get on with what could be hiding in your house, who cleans these houses? You never see a single maid around. The parents are working, the teens show no interest or inclination toward cleanliness.

Still, we never see a dust bunny in the house, no stains on the sink. No hair on the tiles, not even a footprint. A little water on the kitchen floor, you step on it, and it leaves tracks everywhere. And what about the grease accumulation in the kitchen?

No matter how careful you are, unless you don’t spend a few minutes at least every day to clean, the house will look a mess.

Yet, in movies, the carpets look like they are just vacuumed, the windows don’t have a smear, the tiles are spotless.

And the fami…

Escape Room-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

We all like puzzles, don’t we? Riddles, brainteasers, anything that keeps our mind stimulated.

There are plenty of popular games that we download and play because winning them makes us feel smart.

Now imagine getting paid to play these games. Pretty cool, huh? $10,000 is a pretty sweet sum to play a couple of games.

Now, wait. There’s a small catch. You may just lose your life if you don’t win a puzzle.

Still, want to play games?

Escape Room is basically a giant real-life puzzle. You have to use your wits and intelligence to survive.

At first glance, even the characters believe they are in a safe zone. They are shown risks, but they assume that no one will actually get hurt because, surely, the company who created these games won’t risk a lawsuit.

Except they simply don’t care. The mysterious game master wants nothing better to do than to show games to his elite clients and have them gamble on who will survive.

In the first scene, we see Ben trying to escape a puzzle only to have the walls cl…

The Assent -- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The mind can be so dangerous. We believe in what we see and hear. That is the truth of this world for us.

Then suddenly the mind collapses when experiencing trauma and causes a mental disorder.

What you see now is no longer the truth, but it is yours only.

The shadows, the voices, are they really there or a trick of the broken mind?

The story is about Joel, a man struggling to keep it together so that he can keep his son Mason with him.

He works as a mechanic, sees a therapist on a regular basis, and has a babysitter to take care of his son when he has to go work.

With what little he has, he has managed to keep stable. But he does see visions of demons that he believes to be because of his schizophrenia.

Joel tries to make his life work and when we see him blow up in anger, his frustrations are palpable.

Then one day, the babysitter announces that she’s leaving for college. As good as her intentions are for helping out Joel, she barely gives him enough notice to find another babysitter.


Countdown — My take on the movie with spoilers!

There is an app for everything. And I mean everything.

Bored? There’s an app for reading books, listening to music, watching movies, and playing games.

Want to sharpen up your vocabulary? There’s an app. Want to count your steps per day. App. How much water do you drink? Your app will calculate for you.

From the time you wake up, whether you took a shower and brushed your teeth or not, to what is your blood pressure and pulse rate, to how many hours of sleep are you getting per day...there’s an app. Imagine it and there will probably be an app for that.

All that is left, is an app that will tell you when you die. Apart from that, your smartphone with countless apps will take care of your every need.

Countdown touches upon the growing addiction of adding apps to your phone. So when a group of teens find there’s an app on the store that tells you when you will die, they jump on it and download it.

Not everyone receives good news. Seventeen-year-old Courtney has only three hours to live from t…

Barot House-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

At times, we believe we can do anything for our family.
Sure, there may be disagreements, arguments, insults hurled here and there...but at the end of the day, the only reason we attempt for reconcile is because in this whole scary big world, we have a few people who are our blood. And they have to be there for us, right?

Of course, it is important to what extent you disagree with a family member. If it is utterly impossible to see eye to eye, and every day with them makes you unhappy, then is it better to walk away or continue to compromise?

All of that depends on the individual situation.

Family is perhaps the most complicated relationship you can ever be in. You may not like each other, but hey, you have the same blood.

Barot House takes complicated family dynamics to a whole new level. Here, we have Amit, a husband with one son and three daughters, a wife whom he loves but suspects of infidelity, a mother, and a spoilt brother who has spent time in jail.

In the opening scene, we see the…


From Chapter Eleven 

The cracking sounds of bones resonated in the thick cold night air. Aksh watched the girl in front of him wriggle in her own skin. He was reminded of a snake shedding its skin—a sight he had not been able to forget when he had watched it on the science channel. The girl who had been missing for two years and whose disappearance had been riddled with conspiracies, was in front of him struggling with a demon inside her. Her bones was moving visibly in her body and her mouth opened for a scream, but he heard nothing. “Help me!” She managed once, before her face morphed into that of a wolf. Aksh stepped back, wanting to run away from the horrifying sight but too stumped to do anything else but watch her be tormented. She collapsed to the ground, wriggling and fighting. Her arm raised, she was beckoning him, but he wouldn’t move. “I’m sorry,”He mumbled and raised his foot to walk away when she let out a scream- a human one. “You took a Hippocratic oath,”She gasped. “How do …