Flight 7500-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Travelling by air can be scary to some, especially those who are claustrophobic. For these few, being trapped in a box elevated at thousands of feet, can cause severe anxiety.
For others, air travel is the quickest means to reach a destination. Being on a plane isn't the scariest thing at all. Sure, there could be malfunctions causing a plane to crash. But that thought barely flies through the mind, because the probability of that happening is comparatively lower.
Plus, we all travel in airlines that have safety records, right?
Okay, but what if there is a supernatural being on board? What then?
Flight 7500 brings a new terror to air travel. One of the passengers is carrying tubes of human hair. Yes, apart from sharp objects, there can be something more dangerous. In this case, souls trapped in glass tubes.
Why didn't screening catch this? No idea. Apparently items that contribute to supernatural rituals are acceptable.
So anyway, the flight takes off, and we are introduced to…

FF: The Four Ghosts

Alia waited behind a bush, all her equipment ready to capture the ghosts. It was almost midnight now. They were supposed to appear soon according to rumors. She would find out if these were good or evil ghosts. The streets were quiet. The wind howling in her ears. It was almost two am now. Still no sighting. It was just a rumor, Alia thought. There are no ghosts.
She started to gather her cameras when she heard a whistle.
They were here. Whatever they were. The four dark figures emerged through a fog, their faces blurred. Alia turned on her camera and crept lower. They were walking by the river, all of them whistling a song. Alia recorded them, realizing she knew who they could be.
Four years ago, four men had formed a gang and killed anyone who was wandering after three am. They had been arrested and sentenced to death.
Alia checked her watch. It was three a.m.
The killers had returned. Alia covered her mouth when they stopped a few feet away from her. She heard sniffing sounds, then…

Creepy legends: Aka Manto

Aka Manto is a popular figure from a Japanese legend. There are various versions of the story, of its origins, but the ending remains constant throughout the years. The victim dies.The story is this:Aka Manto was a very handsome man who was admired by girls. Allegedly he was in school and was tired of being hounded by girls who fawned over him. Perhaps he was a one girl type of guy, or maybe he was growing tired from being constantly followed and have girls fighting over him.
To escape them, he chose to hide in the female bathroom stall. This version doesn't make sense to me because why would he hide in the girls bathroom and not the guys' where girls are not allowed?
Or did he think that was the last place they would look for him?
Anyway, he is reported missing and days later his body is found.
But his soul remained stranded in the bathroom.
The legend goes that any time a girl wants to use the bathroom urgently, she is led to that very bathroom stall and when she finds there…

Our House— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Life is sometimes about making connections with other people. The world can be dark, scary, and unforgiving, so it's always nice to have someone by your side who sticks by through thick and thin.
Having your parents support you is a blessing, and having good friends, a boon.
Sometimes, though, bad things happen, and you are left without a support system. Your friends may leave and go live far away, your parents may not be by your side forever.
It's a shuddering thought but unavoidable. As much as we appreciate people being there for us, we must live with a sense of fear, because something could happen to your loved ones and you would be left all alone.
Our House addresses this issue and shows the aftermath of the parents' death. 
Ethan is an inventor who is working on a device that is supposed to create wireless electricity. Yes, SUPPOSED to. 
He devotes so much time to his project, that he ignores his family and his responsibilities. As he is leaving to go out at night, …

The Possession Of Hannah Grace— My take on the movie with spoilers!

The more horror movies I watch, the more I've begun to analyze the different components that make a story work and watchable.
Special effects are not necessary to the story, the characters must make you want to sympathize with them, the story must have pace, and especially in a horror movie, there must be small element, at least, of suspense.
As a viewer, I want to guess what will happen in the end, and also feel a little jumpy as I watch the film.
Basically the scenes have to be unpredictable and scary.
In some ways, The possession of Hannah Grace reminded me of The Autopsy of Jane Doe, a movie that genuinely scared me mostly because of the way the mystery of the corpse was unravelled.
Everytime the tiny bell rang, I had chills and when the mystery was revealed, my mind was blown because I never guessed the reveal.
Because of this, I was really excited to see The Possession of Hannah Grace, because I expected it to be just as thrilling as The Autopsy of Jane Doe.
I was wrong.
It is anoth…

Get ready to be scared


Living Space— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Have you ever been in a situation that you later thought you could have dealt with better?
Well, sometimes things are supposed to be played out as is although we do not see it then.
In movies, though, we do get to explore several what if situations, especially the time loops one.
There have been comedies around this concept and psychological horrors, but let's face it, not all of them get it right.
Living Space unnecessarily borrows themes from history and doesn't put it to good use.
At times the proceedings are so slow you just want to turn it off. The lead couple are introduced and they are bickering, and have zero chemistry, so you don't exactly buy their romantic scenes. There are scenes that are supposed to be heart wrenching but fails miserably due to the fact that the couple - Ashley and Brad- are not introduced properly. Had their story and relationship been given a few moments to develop, the movie would have been more hard hitting.Okay, so the story goes, Ashley …