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Flatliners-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Having never watched the original, I was a little excited to watch this remake simply for the concept that sounded intriguing.
Five medical students attempt a dangerous experiment in which they stop their hearts for a couple of minutes to experience the afterlife.
What's not to like about this concept?
The movie begins and at first centers around Courtney and a tragic past where her texting and driving causes her to hit a truck and fall into a lake. She survives, her younger sister doesn't. Cut to a few years later and she's a medical student obsessed with what happens when people die.
She devises this risky experiment and in a way forces two of her friends to join in. Without giving them a proper chance to consider whether or not they want in, Courtney injects herself and puts herself out.
Her experience when she's dead is all about floating and seeing white blobs of gas floating around. When she awakens with the help of a third friend, she explains the experience as feeli…

Forest of the Dark- Excerpt

Excerpt from Chapter 11 FOREST OF THE DARK 
There was a loud creak on the floorboards and he jumped. Turning, he saw the bed empty and the torn stained sheets on the floor. He straightened, his heart pounding in his chest. “T-Tina?” His voice was hardly a whisper. The room was completely empty. The lantern in his hand went off and he dropped it. It rolled over and hit the legs of the bed where it rocked back and forth. Aksh swallowed, looking at the ajar front door and wondering if Tina had walked out while he had been distracted. In her condition, she probably hadn’t gotten very far. He stepped forward when he saw a hand stick out from under the cot and grab the lantern. Aksh almost screamed. He moved sideways, his hands skimming over the rough wood of the large cupboard. He had to get out, now! Moving slowly, he stuck his back to the wall, and then the cupboard. As long as his back was to a surface, he ran little risk of being attacked from behind. Another lantern flickered off and Aksh fel…

Jackals -- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Would you save someone's life if it meant risking your own?

You'll be asking yourself this question at several points in the movie because over here, it's not about saving some random person, but a family member.
That's when the decision-making process becomes complicated.

Jackals is a terrifying movie, one that is quite reminiscent of You're next.

The movie begins with a very disturbing scene that at first glance seems to be a robbery but quickly turns into murder and that too a deliberate one.
When the jackal mask appears on screen, that's when you realize the lengths these mad people will go.

The scene cuts to a family in a cabin, all awaiting the return of the son. Curiosity is quickly sated when two young men are shown driving a van. They are immediately accosted by two masked men who subdue them and one of the men is kidnapped. This guy is apparently the son that the family is waiting for.
We are then briefed on the happenings.
The son had joined a cult after get…

Dorothy Mills-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Small towns often have big secrets.

I suppose that has a lot to do with the small population. Everyone knows everyone. If one person does something terrible, it becomes necessary to protect him mostly because, not only would it bring notoriety to the small town and no one would visit it ever, but because one person less would simply shrink the town.
Small towns probably have better friendships and sometimes that means letting a murderer get away with his crime.
In this case, a group of sinners.

The movie begins with a couple rushing upstairs when they hear the screams of their baby. Out for the evening, they leave their charge to Dorothy Mills. Upon reaching the nursery they are met with a horrifying sight.
Their trusted babysitter is strangling their baby.
Cut to the next scene where a bereaved psychologist reads this news in the papers and travels to this quiet little town.
As soon as she arrives though, her car is run over by a group of teenagers who seem hell-bent on harassing her.
With h…

Amityville: The Awakening-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Some decades ago, an incident took place in Amityville that shocked everyone. A man shot and killed his entire family and apparently to date, no one knows for sure why he truly did what he did.
Why did he kill his family? Why did he change his story while giving his statement to the police and then again at the trial? Was it really him or something else that prompted the killings?
The fact that no one knows for sure what happened that day, is what made this case's popularity grow.
In fact, every horror aficionado knows about this case, for the simple reason that there is a paranormal connection to this mystery.

Sometime after the murders, a new family had moved in and they just as quickly moved out when they experienced strangers occurrences in their home.

This instance too is not proven to date. The family claims that something unnatural resides in their home, particularly in the basement area. But till today, people can only speculate. Not prove that the house is haunted.
This violent…

Sinfully Stupid Seven-- Excerpt

When seven high school students fail their finals, it gives three bumbling scientists a chance to try their new experiment on them.

All the students have to do is pass the test.
All the scientists have to do is, inject them with the right serum.
But of course, nothing goes according to plan.

Excerpt from Sinfully Stupid Seven 

Genio knew he wasn’t even supposed to be here. He didn’t belong with these dimwits although he would never use the term ‘dimwit’ aloud, especially in front of sweet Jane. He turned around to glance at the girl sitting quietly at the back and speaking to her best friend Sharon who was a quiet little mouse of a girl.
Behind him, Ricky let out a laugh as he and his girlfriend, Tisha, joked about something stupid. Behind them were another couple—Lucy and Neil. They were both school athletes, competing in almost every sport. Right now, they were training for the marathon. Neil was doing push-ups while Lucy was doing stretches before she began her squats.
Genio checke…

Superhero Movies

The world is in danger. Who do you call?
A hero. Only a hero can save us.

Our hero and our savior is already decided for us. Decades ago, Marvel and DC comics created these amazing superheroes that are famous till today.
Spiderman, Iron Man...
Superman, Batman...

Both universes have their own ideas of disasters and both, have these amazing heroes come save all humans.

Most of Marvel heroes are people with special abilities- mutants or people who have had fantastical things happen to them. Frozen in time, have access to not only immense wealth but the technology to create armor suits.

DC comics, on the other hand, have heroes mostly from the other world. They are Gods but each have weaknesses as well.

Marvel has Thor, a demigod. 
DC comics has Batman- a wealthy man who has created armor and fights crime at night.

Both universes have their differences and similarities. There are times when some stories appear to be ripped off from the other universe.

Two superheroes, both good guys have difference…