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Brahms: The Boy II-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

You know how people move into a new house in horror movies and are instantly haunted by some ghost that was always waiting for the next family to spook?

Well, Brahms: The Boy 2 starts of things differently. The family, consisting of Liza, Sean and their son Jude, are living in a beautiful house, free from vengeful spirits.
However, a couple of burglars decide they too want to take a look into a house in a horror movie that has no spirits lingering around.

Liza is attacked while Jude has to watch helplessly. Sean is absent during this incident.

The next scene shows us, Liza, pretty much without and scars and talking to a psychiatrist with her husband. Jude has suffered a shock and can no longer speak.

Liza keeps having nightmares every night that causes her to scream in real. Jude is also seemingly insomniac as he keeps roaming around the house in the dark and comes into the bedroom just as Liza awakes from a nightmare.

Sean comes up with a brilliant plan to get away from the city and decide…
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The Invisible Man--My take on the movie with spoilers!

An unknown enemy can be dangerous. You are attacked but you can’t do much about it. Kind of like a virus or bacteria. They will make you sick and if you could see them, you would do whatever it takes to defend yourself.
Of course, if you knew what kind of virus or bacteria it is, you could fend their attacks better.

Now imagine if you knew who your enemy was but were unable to see them. This enemy knows everything about you, and most importantly knows what you fear.

Well, that’s a great premise for a horror movie isn’t it?

The Invisible Man captures your interest in the very first scene.

We see Cecilia, getting up slowly from her bed, careful not to wake up her boyfriend Adrian. She tiptoes around the bed to make sure he drank his water in which she had mixed Diazepam. She packs a bag with a few of her belongings. Then she heads downstairs to the basement and we see hi-tech gadgets and a locked compartment which puzzles Cecilia. But she’s in the basement to turn off the security cameras wh…

The Grudge-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

When someone dies in a fit of extreme rage or sorrow, a curse is born in that place. Anyone who encounters it is haunted by that curse until their death. In these cases, the victims usually just kill themselves, unable to bear the horror that comes with the haunting.

An interesting premise, right? The original Japanese movie, even the 2004 version one, had elements that kept you glued to the screen.

What was scary about the movie was the freaky rattling sound emerging from the ghost’s throat. That’s the one thing that stood out. Yes, the visuals were there, but it was the sound that made your heart jump.

Coming to the 2020 version, and, spoiler alert, the movie falters miserably. Because here’s the thing, the movie doesn’t set up the story effectively, and we simply don’t see the ghosts that are haunting the victims. They just seem possessed and go on a killing spree before killing themselves.

At one point, one of the characters states that he cannot bear to look at the ghosts anymore and…