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For me, time is the greatest mystery of all. The fact is that we're dreaming all the time. That's what really gets me. We have a fathomless lake of unconsciousness just beneath our skulls.
Anthony Hopkins
A good mystery will keep the reader engaged in the story while they’re also trying to figure out who done it. Solstice Publishing brings you ten mysteries by nine talented authors that will have you panting for more. Enjoy these stories!

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A hunter mistakes a woman for a wild turkey. A tragic accident… or murder?
Who killed library patron, Mr. Small?
Escaping violence doesn’t mean you won’t get away!
To the edge of Heaven and back!
With friends like these…
Two high school teachers become vigilantes.
Surprising mysteries lie behind Walt’s death.
Just another unusual day at Farstone Town.
Come on over to Tough Luck Lounge and relax in a Tiki Bar!
For nearly a hundred years, no one knew the truth.
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Ten tales by nine talented authors will take you through mysteries of …

Aadita-- Spoilers from my new horror novel

From Aadita -- A young adult horror novel 
"How could you?"  She demanded out loud.  She pulled herself up and went over to his bedside, but her grandfather wasn't looking at her anymore.   "He's not in his senses, Raina." "Did you just hear what he said?"  She asked Ahan. "Raina, we need to get help." "He told his own sister to die!  And when she was drowning in front of him, he did nothing to save her!  How could someone hate his own sister that much?" Ahan took out his cell phone and called for help while Raina felt her head spinning.  Poor Aadita!  Her family hadn't treated her with an ounce of respect and after she had died, they hadn't even bothered to include her in their family pictures and albums. Raina, sitting down on a chair and in a corner of the room, heard Ahan opening the door to let the other medics in.  As they tended to the unconscious, Raina had a growing realization of why Aadita was saving her.   Ahan put …

Lake Mungo--my take on the movie with spoilers!

When a person dies, they leave behind people whose lives will never be the same again. Death affects people in strange ways and coping with it is hard.
This is what happens to the Palmer family in Lake Mungo. When their daughter drowns, they are left not only to grieve but to literally unearth terrible secrets about her.
Alice Palmer seems like an ideal girl--smart, pretty, popular. Her death shatters her parents and brother’s life but it is when shocking secrets about her are revealed that Lake Mungo suddenly becomes a terrifying movie.
The secrets are revealed at every turn and done so cleverly. Documentary and found footage movies, usually put me to sleep but this one kept me hooked from the start. Not many movies made in this style have the caliber to pull off what Lake Mungo has accomplished. It brings in twists and turns that are harder to do in this documentary style.
There are small flaws but. The movie begins with countless interviews and we are shown people talking about Ali…

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Break the Spell

Lights. Camera, Magic!
Pia's movie dreams are about to come true...if only she can stop herself from falling for her co-star.

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Sinfully Stupid Seven

Seven sins, seven dunces and three bumbling scientists who think they have the cure for stupidity.

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The Haunted Empath

Jadeline can cure anybody...except a haunting.

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Break the Spell-- Now available on Amazon Kindle

“It wasn’t my intention to hurt you.” “Really?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow. “Of course. I misjudged the whole thing.” Aryan shrugged. “Not really.” He took another puff and then put out the cigarette on the rock. “I pretty much alluded that you were sleeping with Zen.” Pia felt a prickly sensation in her throat as if her anger was clasping its wispy threads around her voice box. “I wanted to see how far you were ready to go to get what you want. I got my answer.” He grinned. “And also, I’ve decided not to prolong the agony of working in the movie. I want to get this done in limited takes. And since you’re still tussling with your acting skills, it’s up to me to bring out the right emotion from you. I still can’t believe we got it in one take. Must be a first for you.” Pia took a long deep breath, glanced at the dark sea and then found the control over her emotions. “I completely agree. Let’s just get this over with, shall we? The sooner we shoot our scenes, the more we won’t have …

Two Pigeons--My take on the movie with spoilers!

One moment of something really bad happening to you can cause a series of events that changes a person. That incident either makes you stronger to withstand the pressure or breaks you down.
Two pigeons is basically a revenge story with slices of dark humor in it. It reminded me of an article I read about revenge and forgiveness. The article pointedly stated that holding on to resentment is like venom that will destroy your life. Revenge is never the answer and it is always better to accept that an injustice has been done to you and move on with your life.
I didn’t agree with the article at that time. Unless someone doesn’t get a taste of their own medicine, how will they improve as a person? What if they commit that wrongdoing again? How many people will you have to see suffer your fate? An eye for an eye can make the world blind, but what if the world is already blind to the injustice you have had to suffer?
Two pigeons starts off with a man (Hussein) waking up in the morning and goi…

Plots & Schemes Vol.2: Where is Lara?

A beloved celebrity goes missing. The whole town becomes a suspect. The only clue: An orange-haired doll that looks a lot like the victim.

Just another unusual day at Farstone Town.

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