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The First Horror Film Ever Made

Ever wonder which was the first ever horror film?
In 1896, Georges Méliès directed and produced a short silent film called "Le Manoir du diable" (translation: House of the Devil).
At three minutes running time, the film was considered to be ambitious for its era and was given a pantomime feel to it.
Three minutes to tell a story? Yes, it can be done.
The story basically is about two cavaliers entering a house and being troubled by the devil who takes on many forms, including a bat. The devil also summons four spectres to spook the men. One of them leaves, then later returns to jump off a balcony.
In the end, the remaining man, finds a crucifix hanging and uses it to get rid of the devil.

There are some questions raised. What were the men doing there? Were they lost? Why did one of them, who runs away after being frightened, returns without help or more arms?
Why was there a crucifix hanging and how was the devil still roaming that area where it was?

Had it been made in today's …