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A Story of Perseverance

Whenever someone asks me who my favorite author is, I give them an automated response- Stephen King. Before I read his books, I had read many young adult books with my favorite being the Fear Street series by R.L. Stine. Yes, I was obsessed with horror/mystery books since then because these books incited an emotion in me. They pulled me into the mystery, leaving me gasping and wanting more. I would read a whole novella in one day with my favorite snack just an arm's length away- those were the days, since it has been years since I've cozied up with a good book. Before I digress further, let me get to the point. The second I laid my hands on a Stephen King book (Misery), I couldn't think of picking up any other book. His books were raw, free and real. He got into the depths of the characters minds and made them three dimensional. It made me wonder what I was even reading before. No other author had made his characters so real, deranged and sympathetic. I had to read everyt…