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Happy New Year! Horror Movies 2020

The year 2019 delivered some pretty exciting and spooky horror movies. 
Yes, some so-called “most awaited” movies turned out to be almost comical and cliched. Luckily there were low budget movies with interesting twists and and spooky atmosphere to work. 
As they say, never judge a book by is cover and never judge a movie by its budget. 
2020 has an interesting line-up. Some are sequels, others based on best selling novels. 
I’m still disappointed that no one is thinking of rebooting Ghost Ship. I still remember how terrified I was when I first watched it. The scene with the girl dancing with the captain, only for everyone on board to have their heads cut off...still gives me chills. 
Maybe someone will surprise me this year with a story inspired by it at least? 
Let’s see...
Here are some of the movies I’m looking forward to this year: 
Brahms: The Boy 2— The first part had a very surprising twist. Spoiler alert: the boy doll a woman was hired to take care of, was seemingly possessed. But th…