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Before I Wake- My take on the movie with spoilers

Before I wake, I must sleep.
When I sleep, I sometimes dream. In my dreams, all my fantasies come true. I am happy and loved.
Then there are times when I see nightmares. When I wake up they are gone, but I still remember them and shudder.
The only way I get on with my day, is knowing that like my dreams, my nightmares too will not come true.
But what if they do come true? What if they haunt my reality?
Before I wake is an interesting film. It dares to invade the one thing that gives us comfort- sleep. Having a good sleep I so important to our mind and beneficial to our health. To think that sleep can cause such a catastrophe in our lives, is scary.
The story is about Cody. He is an orphan, passed on from one home to another until a couple who have recently lost their son, adopt him.
Cody is the epitome of innocence and Jessie and Mark couldn’t be happier. Their family is finally complete and they can move on with their lives after their son tragically die. What they do…