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Writer's Problems

One of the most annoying problems that many writers have to face is by publishers who don't even extend the courtesy of sending in a rejection note. Sure they receive thousands of submissions, but what they don't realize is that the writer has worked on this one thing-this one story- for at least a year.  At least send a form letter!!

The Way I write

There are many great authors out there and plenty of literary masterpieces too! How I wish I could join the league of those authors and have my books gain the same success and love those authors got. And the prizes, awards, recognitions....Someday..... I guess I could pour my soul in an engaging story with an ending that wouldn't be short of an epiphany that would be more for the reader than the fictional character. I could write a book about life and its troubles or the mysterious ways in which something that appeared calamitous before suddenly transforms into something redeemable and in turn makes the person resilient as well. There is so much to explore in life and so much to endure, and I could write about it all until I was weary with creative exhaustion. Instead, at the moment at least, I choose to write something else. I want to write something that doesn't reflect one's life completely; rather I want my reader to find an escape from their troubles. They'll a…