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I See You-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

I’ll never understand why horror movies are based on families with large houses. The perplexing issue here is not that story writers find potential in throwing a scary scene here or there, but the fact that these families own houses so big they have no idea what is going on inside.

Okay, before I get on with what could be hiding in your house, who cleans these houses? You never see a single maid around. The parents are working, the teens show no interest or inclination toward cleanliness.

Still, we never see a dust bunny in the house, no stains on the sink. No hair on the tiles, not even a footprint. A little water on the kitchen floor, you step on it, and it leaves tracks everywhere. And what about the grease accumulation in the kitchen?

No matter how careful you are, unless you don’t spend a few minutes at least every day to clean, the house will look a mess.

Yet, in movies, the carpets look like they are just vacuumed, the windows don’t have a smear, the tiles are spotless.

And the fami…

Countdown — My take on the movie with spoilers!

There is an app for everything. And I mean everything.

Bored? There’s an app for reading books, listening to music, watching movies, and playing games.

Want to sharpen up your vocabulary? There’s an app. Want to count your steps per day. App. How much water do you drink? Your app will calculate for you.

From the time you wake up, whether you took a shower and brushed your teeth or not, to what is your blood pressure and pulse rate, to how many hours of sleep are you getting per day...there’s an app. Imagine it and there will probably be an app for that.

All that is left, is an app that will tell you when you die. Apart from that, your smartphone with countless apps will take care of your every need.

Countdown touches upon the growing addiction of adding apps to your phone. So when a group of teens find there’s an app on the store that tells you when you will die, they jump on it and download it.

Not everyone receives good news. Seventeen-year-old Courtney has only three hours to live from t…

The Black String— My take on the movie with spoilers!

As a kid, when you read stories, you probably took everything it had to offer literally. Stories for kids are simple, and have a basic message.

Then you grow up, go to school, and in Literature class, learn that not everything is as straightforward as it seems. You are taught to analyze, to see everything from a different perspective.

Now, if you go back to those children stories, would you still think they had a direct message? If a baby is looking for his mother, is she playing hide and seek, or trying to catch a quick nap while the baby goes all around the house searching? It’s a baby, they’re not going to catch on that the mother was tired after being up all night and tricked them into thinking they were still playing with them. Because guess where the baby usually finds the mother at the end of the book? The bed. 

Regardless of how you see it, at least these stories had some simplicity about it. They had fitting endings, and definitely weren’t ambiguous. There are no two ways about …

After She Wakes— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Sometimes I think writers purposely write a confusing story just so when no one gets what it is about, they can say ‘Guess you’re not smart enough’.

When in reality, some stories are just not well-crafted to deliver whatever message or entertainment they want to.

After she wakes, gets really confusing in the second half. Is it a ghost? Is it an intruder? Was it all a dream?

The answer to these questions are: all of the above.

How is that possible?
Well, you have to see it to believe it. And right at the end of the movie, you feel confounded, well, you won’t be the only one. 

The movie starts off with Danni walking around, as a voiceover states how she is too scared to close her eyes. There are hotchpotch scenes of her getting into a car with her family which consists of husband, her nine year old daughter Cassie, and baby son.

She is advised to drink coffee for the long trip but she says she’ll be fine. She isn’t.

She sleeps at the wheel, the car is hit by something and bursts into flames. Th…

Villains-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The concept of villainy is to be extremely wicked, have sinister intentions, think of only hurting others, and get what you want no matter what it costs.

The movie Villains shows us that a single criminal act doesn’t label you as a villain. In fact, I’m not sure whether the title fitted any of the characters.

The story is about Mickey and Jules, two amateur criminals who just want to get to Florida. Blue beaches, golden sands, hundreds of seashells...yes, their dream is to live on the beaches and make a living selling seashells.

The only way they can get there is by resorting to holding up a gas station. They just about manage to steal some cash and runaway in a car when they find out they’ve run out of gas.

Yes, they were at the gas station store but forgot to steal gas.

Jules manages to calm down a panicky Mickey and they find a house with a car parked visibly in the garage.

They break-in, start eating the food they find, all the while looking for the car keys. The only place left to look…