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Warnings-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

There is something interesting about Warnings. No, it’s not the caricaturist acting. Seriously, there is one character who keeps trying to be “relevant” using “girl” and “boy” in every one of her dialogues.
Is that why the villain goes for the throat when attacking her? You will think so.

Apart from the lack of acting skills displayed by the actors, the movie did have some things working for it. There was definitely some pace, a chilly atmosphere and decent direction of a kind of cliched story.

At first glance, Warnings seems different. Yes, a couple moves into a new house and you expect it to be haunted. Then you find out that some people in the area have disappeared. And dead animals have been found. And only the blood of the former occupants has been found. Oh, and there was a cult nearby many years ago.

Did I forget anything? Oh yes, one of the cult members, a little boy, ran away.

On top of it all (keep taking notes), one of the characters keeps having visions and nightmares. She pret…