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Horror movies this year 2018


That's the number of horror movies I watched this year. Some of them were good, some I expected to be good and weren't. This was a year when I took a chance with different sub genres in horror and was, well, occasionally disappointed.

It's weird how most of the horror movies I watched made me laugh more.

Anyway, here are some I did enjoy watching, not ranked, but listed according to when I saw them.

1. Jigsaw (because of the twist)

2. Delirium (because I'm still trying to make sure I understood the plot. Yes, still. Nice twists)

3. Marrowbone (I should have guessed what was happening. At one point I did but then the writing got better and I thought I must be wrong).

4. Pari  (a myth that gave me the creeps. Somehow you end up feeling sorry for Pari)

5. Bed of the dead (low budget, interesting premise, a little funny)

6. Lake Mungo (a found  footage/documentary style movie. The story was intense and well told)

7. Truth or Dare (my favorite game with a horror twist)

Ten Horror Movie Cliches-- My Take!

There was a time when horror movies would shock and scare. Nowadays, all they manage to do is cringe and be funny. Okay, to be fair there are still some good movies out there. But more often than not, they adhere to these cliches. Here's my list of what I've observed in some of the recent movies I have watched.  Everyone has large houses: Very few movies show ghosts or demons haunting families that live in a shack or even an apartment. Favoring the rich, ghosts find it pleasurable to run rampant in houses with extravagant fittings and spacious rooms. These houses appear to be valued in thousands or millions. Complete with attics, basements, swimming pools and a large garden. But we are made to sympathize with these families who complain about having nowhere else to go and have no money. Yet, they have fully stocked fridges. And the latest phones and laptops.

Families usually have one bratty teenager who has a kid sister who immediately befriends a demon:The teenager in quest…

Superhero Movies

The world is in danger. Who do you call?
A hero. Only a hero can save us.

Our hero and our savior is already decided for us. Decades ago, Marvel and DC comics created these amazing superheroes that are famous till today.
Spiderman, Iron Man...
Superman, Batman...

Both universes have their own ideas of disasters and both, have these amazing heroes come save all humans.

Most of Marvel heroes are people with special abilities- mutants or people who have had fantastical things happen to them. Frozen in time, have access to not only immense wealth but the technology to create armor suits.

DC comics, on the other hand, have heroes mostly from the other world. They are Gods but each have weaknesses as well.

Marvel has Thor, a demigod. 
DC comics has Batman- a wealthy man who has created armor and fights crime at night.

Both universes have their differences and similarities. There are times when some stories appear to be ripped off from the other universe.

Two superheroes, both good guys have difference…

My Guardian Angel-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Going to the dentist is scary as it is. The one thing that goes through our daunting dental procedures is that we trust that the doctor is a nice person. That we are safe in the dentist’s capable hands. Doctors are nice, helpful people after all, aren’t they?
My Guardian Angel very competently shreds that illusion and tosses it into the wastebasket. It took me several minutes after the movie was over to remind myself not all dentists are the same. Not all people are the same. There are just some very bad people out there, disguised as good, respectable people.
The movie opens with a girl sitting on her bed. Clearly, there is something off about her but we don’t that yet. She creeps downstairs and watches her parents who ask her to serve them a glass of wine. Okay, so they asked her to do some work, not so bad right. She goes back upstairs after completing that one innocent chore and eyes a kitchen knife in her room. Whispers are heard, she is being compelled to go back downstairs. Sh…

7 Witches - My take on the movie with spoilers!

7 witches is an ugly tale of revenge, hatred and family conflicts. It's the kind of movie that leave you horrified and sick to the stomach.
It has drama that is relatable but characters not exactly relatable.
Yet, this movie is actually a decent watch and what works in its favor is the pace.
Had the plot been drawn out more than it was intended to, it would have been a bore. There is always something happening in every scene and the tension builds until it reaches a climax that will leave you appalled.
For centuries, the witches have been hunted like dogs, punished for their witchcraft and killed like animals. Now, with only seven witches remaining, they aim to get back what they rightfully deserve.
Kate is attending her sister's wedding with her boyfriend whom she has either broken up with or is on the verge of doing so. Her family is happy to see her except for her annoying sister who keeps taunting her and reminds Kate to not spoil her special day.
Reluctantly, Kate t…

Horror Movies watched this Month- January

I celebrated the start of this year, watching some horror movies. None of them were spectacular, but none of them were that horrible either. 
1) Charlie Charlie: An internet urban legend, becomes the premise of this movie that borders on comedy. The weakest point of this movie is the shoddy special effects. We are made to believe, that the characters in the movie are threatened and frightened by a wavy electric blue light that follows them.
2) A Room to Die for: Looking for a disturbing, gory movie? The search ends here. A broke young couple moves into a room leased by an elderly couple who have malicious intentions. What are they? They want a child. And that means, they kill everyone who comes in their path and manipulate couples into breaking up. Too many cringe-worthy moments and kind of reminded me of ‘Don't Breathe’.
3) The Axe Murders of Villisca: This is actually not a terrible movie. I was surprised by the decent plot and the acting was pretty good as well. Basically three t…

Ouija: Origin of Evil -- my take on the movie with spoilers!

It’s no surprise that evil chooses and possesses young innocent girls in horror movies. They are after all, thought to be pure of heart and their innocence is alluring to all evil.
I would hold the opinion that pure heart would be tougher to infiltrate and those who have committed sins- big or small- would be the ones who could be manipulated by evil spirits. However, in movies, it is always the youngest girl in the family who becomes the target of demons. Perhaps it is because we viewers, easily sympathize for the sweet little girl who is yet to learn that the world outside isn’t harmless.
Ouija: Origin of Evil takes place in 1967, a time when life was thought to be simple. Except, it wasn’t. Bullying was prevalent in schools, people were conning others out of their hard earned money and high school kids loved dabbling in creepy games that summoned spirits.
We are immediately introduced to the Zander family consisting a mother and two daughters who scam families into believing…

The Other Side of the Door- my take on the movie with spoilers

If there ever was a captivating horror movie made- this has got to be it. Never before has there been a movie that exudes the confidence to portray desperation and grief so artfully, that we feel every bit of anguish the characters face.
The Other side of the door is primarily the story of a grief-stricken mother who lives with the guilt of not being able to save her son in a car accident. Time passes by and Maria cannot get over her sorrow and eventually gives in to her suicidal tendencies.
Seeing her in such a troubled state, her Indian housekeeper, Piki, confides in her about a temple in South India, which has the thinnest line between life and death. Over there, Maria can have a chance to talk to her deceased son one last time. The only catch is- she cannot see her son, only hear his voice. And under no circumstances must she open the door.
Well of course, Maria opens the door. The door opening is a crucial point of the movie, I mean it is the plot and the other side of the…

10 Cloverfield Lane- my take on the movie with spoilers!

In times of disaster, we all hope that there would be someone to save us from the perils: be it the armed forces or the humanity and bravery innate in some people. When the apocalypse hits, though we will fear the event, somehow, we also know that a savior will rise.
There has to be someone, right? Someone who has predetermined the event? Someone who has also made preparations to safeguard themselves and maybe kind enough to help others?
I usually avoid movies that centers on disasters that could claim the world or a movie set in a dystopian future. The only reason I did eventually pick the movie was because of its clever marketing strategy: to not announce the movie until two months before its release. Literally no one knew this movie existed or was being made. The plot wasn’t revealed and there was so much secrecy surrounding it that my interest was piqued.
I can’t say I’m disappointed by my curiosity.
Michelle, the lead, is escaping her life with her boyfriend and ends …

The Witch- my take on the movie with spoilers

Don’t go down the woods today. For deep in the woods, danger lurks that will feed upon you, destroying everything that makes you strong. You have been warned, be careful when you wander into the woods.
Such is the story of ‘The Witch’. Set in a bygone era, the story circles around a family, excommunicated from the plantation and made to leave their home. They quickly settle near the woods and begin their lives until an unforeseen event throws their lives into turmoil.
This is the basic premise of the movie and I was eager to watch it when I read the summary. Now I have to admit that I was tempted to switch it off after watching the first part of the movie. I have watched a couple of low budget horror movies lately, which though rated low on leading review websites, turned out to be actually decent. When the first scene came along and the language stayed true to the era but not easily understood, I thought: well, here goes my lucky streak.
I don’t know why I still watched it a…

Fan (2016)- my take on the movie with spoilers

When you fall in love, at one point or another, you’re doomed to suffer heartbreak. It may be a temporary situation and you may end up making amends. But there are times when no amount of apology can save the love that had so much meaning in your life. In fact, that love was what made you- nurtured you and gave you hope. Without that in your life, without that goodness, what do you become then?
Fan is a movie that shows you the downside of fandom. They say you should never meet your idols. Guess what? They were right!
The movie opens and we get a peek into Gaurav’s life- a simple boy in Delhi who is obsessed with Aryan Khanna, the superstar. Gaurav has grown up watching Aryan and thus his whole life revolves around emulating the great star. In fact, he even considers himself to be a part of Aryan all because his face bears similarities with him. Gaurav calls himself the Junior Aryan Khanna and every year, partakes in a competition where he naturally emerges the winner for portrayin…

The Forest- my take on the movie with spoilers

Relationships can be complicated and it’s not always easy to write them out. We all have a different equation with our families, friends and the people we meet, so to write your version of relationships may not always be agreeable to the audience. They may view relationships a bit differently and would be stunned when the plot deters from perspective.
This is what happened to me when I watched ‘The Forest’. The story is about two women who are twins- Sara and Jess, one of whom is seriously troubled. For two sisters, who are that close, I began to wonder how one of them left her sister alone, knowing well that she was suicidal.
That’s the thing about relationships- some view the very words as a definition of togetherness, others believe in giving complete independence as a sign of respect to the individual. Had Sara kept an eye on Jess, she would have never disappeared and the circumstances that happened would not have happened.
The story centers around the Aokigahara Forest in Ja…

Home (2016)- my take on the movie with spoilers!

The word ‘Home’ itself has such a placating effect on our minds. We think of homes as a place where we are comfortable and safe. Home is where we repose, eat our meals and spend time with our families. In fact, home is pretty much synonymous with family.
There are instances where some people don’t get along with their families and to them, home means just a rest stop before they move away.
For Carrie, the protagonist of the movie, home means visiting her mother who has just come out of the closet and married a woman who has a young daughter. Suddenly, Carrie has a sister and she must now get accustomed to the new habits of the family which includes quite a lot of non-religious beliefs. It is not to say that they are atheists, just that their thoughts on religion isn’t completely explored in the movie.
I must say I was surprised when I started to watch the movie. Yes, the poster is dark and creepy, but the twist in the end is something I couldn’t presuppose.
When the movie beg…

The Boy (2016)- My take on the movie with spoilers

Often you come across people with peculiar habits and even stranger lifestyles. They might be doing things that seem strange to you but to them, that is the most normal thing in the world. It is then that your limitations for tolerance is tested. Can you adjust yourself in a lifestyle that seems completely bizarre to you?
In this sense, Greta manages to show us that she is capable of handling a very aberrant situation. We are introduced to Greta from the very beginning- a woman from America who accepts a job in a small English town. I suppose the reason she even accepts this job is so that she could put a substantial difference between her and her abusive boyfriend.
She soon makes acquaintance with Malcolm- a man who delivers groceries for the family and then meets the parents whereupon she’s introduced to Brahms- not a boy but a porcelain doll. As anyone would have in such an incredulous situation, Greta begins to laugh until she realizes that the parents are serious and she com…