The Midnight Game- My take on the movie (with spoilers)

How far would you go to seek a sense of thrill? Would you be ready to summon a dark evil and play hide and seek with it?
Would you put your life at risk just so you can have a few moments of excitement and anticipation of whether or not you'll die?
The Midnight game is then just what you need.
It seems that bored high school teenagers have nothing better to do than to play dark games based on pagan rituals and summon demons.
Want to hangout at the mall? Boring. Want to go bowling. Ugh, no!
Want to summon ghosts and evil demons... Perhaps even the devil? Hell, yes! (Pun intended)
So after playing on ouija boards and chanting the name of bloody Mary, here's another game to play with evil forces- The Midnight game.
Apparently, in this game you have to write your name on a piece of paper, sacrifice a drop of your own blood, knock on the door 22 times, with the last knock being exactly at midnight, and then wait for the midnight man to catch you. All you have to do is wait for the midnight man to leave you by 3:33 am after you've invited him.
Looking at this in another way, it's kind of rude inviting someone to your home, then turning off the lights and ignoring the "guest" until it leaves on its own because of deep neglect and rudeness inflicted on him. Rude!
Anyway, five teenagers play this game and wait for the midnight man to attack them with their worst fears. The candles go off, the friends take more than ten seconds to relight them and barely form a circle of salt in time.
Creaks are heard and a chandelier sways. Creepy!
The movie doesn't mention one of the rules of the game- which is, that the players are not supposed to fall asleep while playing.
Apparently these teenagers don't know this and fall asleep while everything is going creaky in the house. I'm assuming here that it was because they broke an important rule is why the midnight man attaches itself to them.
It is here that I have to mention how terrible the acting is. And apparently the writer gets confused and interchanges the fears of two of the characters. For example, Jenna was afraid of going insane and Rose was afraid of ghosts. Yet, when trg time comes, Jenna was seeing ghosts and freaking out while Rose appeared to have lost it as she kept staring out the window and talking in a deadpan voice.
But the worst has got to be the ending part that turns the movie into a convoluted mess. Everyone likes a good twist and horror and thriller movies are expected to have them. I try to write unexpected twists in all my stories but I make sure they fall into place and not added at the last minute and seem disjointed to the story.
The midnight game unfortunately suffers from the delusion that it can carry off a terrific and clever twist.
The teenagers all die and are apparently caught in a loop where they relive their deaths.
The problem however was this, when the friends play the game again (minus one friend), they all supposedly die but wake up at 3:33 am, alive and happy. Two years later, a realtor shows the house to a potential buyer who speaks of "the incident" and refuses to stay in the curses house any longer. Seconds after he leaves, the friends are shown arriving at the house and the camera pans out to show one of them lying dead in a ditch.
Here's where the loop is disturbed. The teenagers woke up at 3:33, what happened afterwards? Did their ghosts wake up?
If the teenagers were going on in a loop, did they pause their ghostly lives whenever a buyer came in to see the house? Because why did they not see the realtor or sense someone moving about in the house?
And if the cycle was restarting, why is one of them still dead?
I'm going to deduce that the guy was already dead, possessed by the midnight man after seeing the video and urges his friends to "join" him by playing the game.
Yes, I think that would make some sense.
So, was the movie enjoyable- no.
Was it scary- nope.
Was it confusing? Yeah, it doesn't do a good job of explaining the story.
All in all, not the best movie to watch if you like horror.


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