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The Cleansing Hour--My take on the movie with spoilers!

If you confess to your sins, will you be liberated or subjected to more punishments and problems?

The truth should set you free. Or does it simply ruin any relationships you have?

In The Cleansing Hour, we meet Father Max performing an exorcism on a man. He identifies the demon, chants the rites and saves the man’s life with great difficulty. Or so it seems.
In the next instant, we find out that Father Max is actually the star of the show “The Cleansing Hour” and is performing fake exorcisms with the help of his friend Drew.

Clearly, both of them should have known better than to get involved in something that ridicules the evil beings.

Because soon enough, the friends come across a real demon.

Drew’s girlfriend Lane willing decides to help her boyfriend when an actor fails to show up.
Perhaps the real demon arranged it as well as the actor encounters an unsettling experience while looking for the studio.

Lane assured her boyfriend she will do a good job as she is a drama major and allows hers…