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Complete Woman

A while back, Jennifer Aniston had come out with a  blog post about women who are labelled incomplete if they are not married or have children.
At that time my first thought was not about how much I agreed with her post, but why did she find the need to give an explanation.
Yesterday, I found out the hard way. Someone I know and value the opinion of, told me that I would never understand certain things because I am not a 'complete' woman.
I am not married with kids. This has been a personal decision of mine that was made a long time ago. I don't want to get married, at least for now. I don't feel like I need to be pressurized into thinking that I should marry in order to fit into society. I have dreams and ambitions for myself and I don't think I need to be labeled selfish, cold or naive because I don't think marriage would work for me.
When I heard this comment, I had prepared myself to be under harsh scrutiny from people I would have no relationship  with. It…

2017 Movies and stories that impressed a little.

This time the real horror was not in movies but in real life.
2017 was one hell of a year. So many terrible tragedies, so many unpunished monsters. Dire world events aside, there was this horrific realization that really good stories and art was being tossed aside in lieu of garish spectacles that were passed off as “good movies”.
Stories were our escape from the catastrophes and the mundane and daunting realities. Now, it just something that is created so half-heartedly, as if this part of joy is also not something we deserve. Don’t we all want to live a life in stories that enrich us, that helps us escape and sometimes, give us the courage and ideas to deal with our problems?
Now, we are burdened with stories that come out in vast amounts and very few of them, are worth the experience.
2017 boasted of some amazing projects, big-budgeted films and our beloved celebrities gracing the big screen with amazing work. Unfortunately, more for the audience than the creators, these movies di…

The Wake-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The Wake will make it hard for you to stay awake.
It’s a low budget movie, and that’s not the problem; there are plenty of movies out there that are engaging and well-written and well acted. The Wake struggles, however, because not only is the story ridden with plotholes, but it has trouble identifying itself as a horror movie.
It is both intentionally and unintentionally funny.
The movie starts with a really badly acted scene of a woman climbing up the steps of what we are to assume the cellar. Then she sobs and screams. I almost turned it off when I saw how bad the scene and acting was, nevertheless, I was a little intrigued by the summary and gave it another chance.
The next scene shows a group of five friends arriving at a villa. Apparently, we are taken back to the start of the day when the woman from the first scene is accompanied by her friends to attend a wake. And now guess what? They are attending a wake of a little boy one of the guys killed in a drunk driving accident.

He thought he was free...

Forest of the Dark: From Chapter Six

Ever since Aksh was fifteen, he had wanted to be a doctor.
He had a normal childhood and an ideal family. His father was an accountant and his mother a housewife—both doted on their only son.
Aksh was a thin boy and his mother would often fret and fuss over him. He didn’t mind his appearance; what he did care about was his popularity which day by day was declining. Puberty had struck him badly,turning his voice croaky and his face spotted with acne.
None of the girls showed the slightest interest in him and the boys wouldn’t include him in any of the sports teams because of his lacking physique.
Aksh spent most of his teenage years in loneliness, but when he came home, his parents would treat him like the most popular boy in the school and at the end of the day, that was what mattered to him and he slept with a big smile on his face every night.
Everything was going in the usual manner, when a few days after his fifteenth birthday, Aksh’s father ha…

Flatliners-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Having never watched the original, I was a little excited to watch this remake simply for the concept that sounded intriguing.
Five medical students attempt a dangerous experiment in which they stop their hearts for a couple of minutes to experience the afterlife.
What's not to like about this concept?
The movie begins and at first centers around Courtney and a tragic past where her texting and driving causes her to hit a truck and fall into a lake. She survives, her younger sister doesn't. Cut to a few years later and she's a medical student obsessed with what happens when people die.
She devises this risky experiment and in a way forces two of her friends to join in. Without giving them a proper chance to consider whether or not they want in, Courtney injects herself and puts herself out.
Her experience when she's dead is all about floating and seeing white blobs of gas floating around. When she awakens with the help of a third friend, she explains the experience as feeli…

Forest of the Dark- Excerpt

Excerpt from Chapter 11 FOREST OF THE DARK 
There was a loud creak on the floorboards and he jumped. Turning, he saw the bed empty and the torn stained sheets on the floor. He straightened, his heart pounding in his chest. “T-Tina?” His voice was hardly a whisper. The room was completely empty. The lantern in his hand went off and he dropped it. It rolled over and hit the legs of the bed where it rocked back and forth. Aksh swallowed, looking at the ajar front door and wondering if Tina had walked out while he had been distracted. In her condition, she probably hadn’t gotten very far. He stepped forward when he saw a hand stick out from under the cot and grab the lantern. Aksh almost screamed. He moved sideways, his hands skimming over the rough wood of the large cupboard. He had to get out, now! Moving slowly, he stuck his back to the wall, and then the cupboard. As long as his back was to a surface, he ran little risk of being attacked from behind. Another lantern flickered off and Aksh fel…

Jackals -- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Would you save someone's life if it meant risking your own?

You'll be asking yourself this question at several points in the movie because over here, it's not about saving some random person, but a family member.
That's when the decision-making process becomes complicated.

Jackals is a terrifying movie, one that is quite reminiscent of You're next.

The movie begins with a very disturbing scene that at first glance seems to be a robbery but quickly turns into murder and that too a deliberate one.
When the jackal mask appears on screen, that's when you realize the lengths these mad people will go.

The scene cuts to a family in a cabin, all awaiting the return of the son. Curiosity is quickly sated when two young men are shown driving a van. They are immediately accosted by two masked men who subdue them and one of the men is kidnapped. This guy is apparently the son that the family is waiting for.
We are then briefed on the happenings.
The son had joined a cult after get…