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What I learnt today

In Italian:
Buonanotte= Good Night

Why do I write

As a kid I was always quiet. Not shy, like many people thought, but just plain quiet. I remember just sitting down and observing everyone around me. That's all I did- observe people, note how they behaved in circumstances and how they showed happiness and sadness.
I wouldn't say I became an expert in human behavior, but I do have a possibly limited understanding of how people think in particular circumstances.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, since I was always quiet, when I finally did speak I found that I wasn't very good at expressing myself. I wanted to say my part in a conversation as quickly as possible so that I could get to listening, which meant that I could never really fully explain what I was trying to say.

So I turned to writing. It opened a whole different world for me when I wrote my first horror short story. I realized I did have something and I did have potential. After college graduation I finally decided to take up writing even though I had absolutely …

The Dearth of Heroes

We all love watching superhero movies, and it is evident in the box office results. We love playing heroes in video games and spend hours completely immersed in them. We see them in theaters, on our TVs and deeply desire to become them. But when it comes to reality, heroes are scarce.

A girl in Guwahati was publicly beaten and molested by at least twenty people. The number of attackers fluctuate with each report, but even so, she was attacked by more than ten people on an open road, in front of the club she had come out of and in front of anyone who cared to look.

As soon as the news came out, along came the conspiracies and the story has become mangled. It doesn't matter that she was drunk, or that the reporter had been filming instead of helping or even that the police came forty minutes late- what mattered was that the girl didn't have a hero to save her.

The reporter states that he had tried to intervene but since the attackers turned on him, he had resorted to filming instea…

Today when I write...

I want to write today, but I don't know what. I know why I want to write-because it gives me the freedom and power to create something. But what do I want to write?
Do I want to write what I feel today? I am angry, happy, confused; yet I cannot write that. The writer in me wants to show not tell.
I want to smash a plate on the wall, break a glass, punch a pillow and walk with swift firm steps with my eyes fixated intently on the ground.
I want to jump high so that can touch the sky, smell flowers and then sing out loud to my favorite songs.
I look at everything around me and see that everything looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle and none of the pieces fit right. I'm turning them and pushing them together and even succeed with two, but the third won't fit.
So what do I write today? I want to write what I feel today, not what I've felt for the past few days-an emotional graph of highs and steep lows.
Today I feel like nothing seems like it is in place, but I walk with fir…

First Post

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