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Jai Ho (Movie)- My Take with spoilers

Jai Ho
This is a movie with a social message that doesn't rely on stylized preaching to make a point. The story thrives on believable characters and situations interwoven in the framework that is this film. The story is about ex-army officer Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) who has dedicated his life to helping the people. His ideology is to help people and then ask them to help others in return, thus creating a chain of helpful and good people. This could have easily been one of those movies where the moment the protagonist delivers his ideas, people change instantly. What is good about this movie that it tries to be realistic in its approach to deliver a message. Jai helps people in situations that haven't been tackles before in movies. There's a woman who is being harassed by an unknown caller, a beggar steals a couple's baby, an aggrieved brother tries to unsuccessfully lodge a complaint against the minister's daughter.... All these and more are incidents that Ja…

New Year, New Me

I keep saying that: A New Year and a New Me. I've written this anywhere and everywhere, but the truth is, I changed a lot last year. I felt things I thought I wasn't capable of feeling and did things I thought I didn't have the courage to do so.
Also, who knew I could be vindictive as well? I didn't.

Last year, I met a few people, befriended them and was surprised to learn that their initial reaction toward me, wasn't their true opinion of me. It took some time for me to learn that those I thought were my friends did not respect me. Respect works both way. I showed them respect and they didn't. Sometimes it was easier to walk away, other times, I wouldn't go without a fight.

It was the latter that surprised me- I had changed! I wasn't about to let anyone disrespect me and cheat me. I'm not entirely proud of what I did, but I'm not sorry I stood up for myself either. That was one of the things I badly needed to do.

Further down the year, I learn…

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Happy New Year 2014 :)