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Apartment 212— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Building a new life is such a daunting thought. After all the terrible things that happen, can we really move on believing that things will finally turn around? What if the next step you take, to take control of your life, is actually another terrible mistake waiting to ensnare your happiness. The question is, can you really escape a terrible phase that has captured your life? Jennifer thinks she's made a clean getaway from her wretched life when she moves into a new house. She makes friends with the neighbors and is looking forward to getting a job. When a neighbor dies under mysterious circumstances, her belongings are up for grabs, and Jennifer takes a decorative box with a weird creature engraved on the lid. Soon enough, she wakes up every morning with strange bites on her body. Of course, she's so perplexed and exhausted by this strange occurrence, that she screws up the interview and returns home, dejected. Slowly, she realizes that the creature is coming to life. What d…