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Horror movies this year 2018


That's the number of horror movies I watched this year. Some of them were good, some I expected to be good and weren't. This was a year when I took a chance with different sub genres in horror and was, well, occasionally disappointed.

It's weird how most of the horror movies I watched made me laugh more.

Anyway, here are some I did enjoy watching, not ranked, but listed according to when I saw them.

1. Jigsaw (because of the twist)

2. Delirium (because I'm still trying to make sure I understood the plot. Yes, still. Nice twists)

3. Marrowbone (I should have guessed what was happening. At one point I did but then the writing got better and I thought I must be wrong).

4. Pari  (a myth that gave me the creeps. Somehow you end up feeling sorry for Pari)

5. Bed of the dead (low budget, interesting premise, a little funny)

6. Lake Mungo (a found  footage/documentary style movie. The story was intense and well told)

7. Truth or Dare (my favorite game with a horror twist)

Incident in a Ghostland— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Books can be amazing companions.
A boring, long journey? Pack a book. 
Bored? Read a book.
Lonely? Pick up a book.

Immersing yourself in a different world, even just for a few minutes, is relaxing.

What is even better than reading a book? Writing one.
A vivid imagination and a proclivity to create and write stories is the first step.

Incident in a Ghostland, reminded me how important books are and how the most terrible situation can be endured.

We meet two teenage sisters--Beth and Vera, on the way to live in a new house with their mother.
They are starting a new life and we are immediately shown their contrasting personalities.
Beth has a fondness for writing horror stories, Vera picks on her sister because of that but loves her.
Vera also is a brat and while on the road, shows the finger to a driver on an ice cream truck.
They reach the house and begin to settle in.
Vera confides in her mother about Beth's obsession with disappearing into her stories. This, as you will find later, is an impo…