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Dark ages

Italian scholar Petrarch referred to a certain time period (around 500 to 1000 AD) to be the Dark ages not because many records were lost or that people were submerged in gloom and despair, but because that time was when cultural achievements were least achieved and so did knowledge.
He believed that without knowledge and art, the world would only see darkness.

I wonder what he would think of today's world where there's an abundance of knowledge but so little time to consume it? There is so much to learn and with technology progressing, there are new skills to educate oneself with. Not to mention there are expectations to be adept in every field whether or not one has a knack of it or not.

Super Light ages? Is that what he would have called it?

Bad Days Keep Rolling

Ever had one of those days when nothing goes right? And then have that day turn into a week and then a month and then...months...? And to think it all happens with a seemingly innocent incident- like a flash in the sky- daunting, but at the same time impossible to tell whether it will turn into a thunderstorm or just light rain. Is it coincidental that the beginning of all bad days starts with something breaking? A knocked out vase for instant or someone's glasses breaking. Sure, at that time it feels like the pieces could be easily glued together or worse comes to worse, it could be thrown out- (hey, it was an ugly vase anyway). But then the real trouble starts. The vase turns out to be a gift from someone important whose feelings are going to be hurt. The glasses that broke were flimsy, but going all the way to the optician is a hassle and when you go, the optician gets the prescription wrong. And while all this is going on, something else is already manifesting in the corne…

Love Aaj Kal- My favorite Romantic movie.

(From my Facebook Page: Just Stories

Two different eras; One thing in common- LOVE.

This is a story of love through the ages. Meera and Jai meet and start dating only to part ways when their aspirations take them to different countries. In the age, where career and dreams take prominence, these two don't realize that love is the one thing that bonds everything together. 

As Meera leaves for India, Jai meets Veer Singh who makes him realize the importance of love through a tale of his own that takes place several years ago. While he describes his take and desperation to just catch a glimpse of his true love, Jai at first scoffs at his ideas of love, but when Meera leaves him, he realizes that he cannot live without her.

Months pass and Meera gets married only to discover the next day that she can't get Jai out of her mind. She gets ready to leave her husband for him but then finds out that Jai has found his once chance to achieve his dreams.

Jai has everything now, but he cannot h…

At an Impasse

What I would like more than anything right now is to write a decent short story, but unfortunately, I am stuck. The problem lies in my indecision. I'm attempting to write my first sci-fi short story and submit it to a magazine or perhaps publish it on Smashwords like my other short stories but this is something that doesn't come naturally to me.
First of all, I had a very diminutive idea of what is included in science fiction. I thought it was all about aliens and time travel. That perception was rectified when I did my research. And that was when I came across an idea that I thought I could write.
Then (this counts as secondly) I found that what twist I wanted to incorporate in my story was close to impossible because of the limitations in science.
Okay, so I could turn this into a sci-fi fantasy piece, but for some reason, the passion to work on an original story eludes me.
I need to be excited and surprised by my own story that so far I have attempted in my previous storie…

Why the story of Race works- and how!

Race has got to be one of those movies that despite having many twists and turns in is story, manages to avoid potentially harmful plot holes that could have taken down the whole movie. Like a clever magician, the story relies on illusion- the best deception ever! When I watched the movie for the first time, I went with low expectations and believed that it was going to be a straightforward movie. Was I wrong! The onset of twists surprised me and made me sit up. Instead of watching the movie for itself, I took it as a challenge to guess every twist and got it wrong plenty of times. Race became the first movie that challenged me and my keenness to explore an analyze stories. The fact that I couldn't guess some of the twists humbled me and made me realize there were still some movies out there that could surprise and excite me. I must have watched this movie more than a dozen times and every single time, I tried to make sense of how the story managed to deceive and surprise. It was…