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Dark Light--My take on the movie with spoilers!

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city life and just go live in a remote place, far from everyone who keeps interfering in your life?

But what would you do for a living? Well, how about farming? Grow your own food. No need to visit groceries on a regular basis then, right?

Unfortunately, if you have a farm, that’s basically a haven for monsters and aliens. It’s okay though, if you have a shotgun stuffed somewhere in your house.

Dark Light could have pretty much been called blinding light. Seriously. The monsters or aliens or whatever they were, have huge spotlights serving as their head. And for some reason they don’t directly attack the owner of the house. They stalk for a couple of days, then get inside the house to play hide and seek.

But for anyone else, they attack almost immediately. No games there.

The story starts with Annie being interrogated by the sheriff on the disappearance of her daughter.

A flashback shows Annie moving into her childhood home with her daughter Emily after…

A Second Tomorrow

Chapter One

“I’m an idiot,” Mayara Redders told herself as she flipped a page of a travel book rather roughly, which caused a tearing sound. Her eyes widened as she examined the glossy page and then breathed with relief when she saw that the pages had rubbed against her jeweled ring to cause that sound. “You sure are,” Nikki said, entering the room and turning on the lamp beside the desk. “What are you doing in the dark and in my dad’s office?” Mayara let out a moan and closed the book. Putting a hand under her chin, she let out a dramatic sigh. “I’m a coward.” Nikki raised an eyebrow and fluffed her brown curls. “Kind of.” She shrugged and adjusted the strap of her white lacy gown. “You ruined my plans.” “You shouldn’t be playing cupid for an idiot, anyway,” Mayara groaned. “I can’t do anything right.” “You're way too harsh on yourself," Nikki said and removed her pocket mirror. She ran a finger beneath her mouth and then dabbed her lips. "Low confidence will get you now…

Apparition--My take on the movie with spoilers!

As the world moves faster, so does everyone's need to have everything on their fingertips.
And when every convenience is available easily, there rises a need for something different, something that will entertain and mystify.
Imagine having an app that will help you connect with a deceased loved one...
Yes, according to Apparition, a nerdy teen Sam creates an app that helps people make a connection with the dead so that they can complete any unfinished business.
Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Sadly, the execution of this idea is subpar.
The movie begins with two boys fending themselves from an addict mother. She is accidentally stabbed and the eldest boy is sent to a reformatory.
Now the Warden who runs the reformatory is one wicked fellow. His harsh treatment of the boys will make you cringe. Anna (Mena Suvari) the housekeeper, also the mother of the Warden’s illegitimate child, is kind to the boys but she can do little to save them.
When one of the boys tries to escape, he…

I See You-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

I’ll never understand why horror movies are based on families with large houses. The perplexing issue here is not that story writers find potential in throwing a scary scene here or there, but the fact that these families own houses so big they have no idea what is going on inside.

Okay, before I get on with what could be hiding in your house, who cleans these houses? You never see a single maid around. The parents are working, the teens show no interest or inclination toward cleanliness.

Still, we never see a dust bunny in the house, no stains on the sink. No hair on the tiles, not even a footprint. A little water on the kitchen floor, you step on it, and it leaves tracks everywhere. And what about the grease accumulation in the kitchen?

No matter how careful you are, unless you don’t spend a few minutes at least every day to clean, the house will look a mess.

Yet, in movies, the carpets look like they are just vacuumed, the windows don’t have a smear, the tiles are spotless.

And the fami…

Escape Room-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

We all like puzzles, don’t we? Riddles, brainteasers, anything that keeps our mind stimulated.

There are plenty of popular games that we download and play because winning them makes us feel smart.

Now imagine getting paid to play these games. Pretty cool, huh? $10,000 is a pretty sweet sum to play a couple of games.

Now, wait. There’s a small catch. You may just lose your life if you don’t win a puzzle.

Still, want to play games?

Escape Room is basically a giant real-life puzzle. You have to use your wits and intelligence to survive.

At first glance, even the characters believe they are in a safe zone. They are shown risks, but they assume that no one will actually get hurt because, surely, the company who created these games won’t risk a lawsuit.

Except they simply don’t care. The mysterious game master wants nothing better to do than to show games to his elite clients and have them gamble on who will survive.

In the first scene, we see Ben trying to escape a puzzle only to have the walls cl…