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The Shasta Triangle-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Over the years, a lot of people aboard planes and ships have been thought to disappear at the Bermuda Triangle.
Since no remains are ever found, the disappearances have been attributed to paranormal activity, and yes, even alien abduction.

Offer this explanation to a scientist and they will do whatever it takes to debunk it. Human error or bad weather caused the planes and ships to disappear, they will tell you.

But again, this is only a theory. What is the actual proof that aliens have indeed not set up an area on the globe from where they suck out people?

Then again, there would have been proof of that as well. Maybe a spaceship sighting?

Anyway, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle would be solved someday with actual facts, but in the meantime, this all has become fodder for sci-fi filmmakers.

The Shasta Triangle is an area in the forest of Shasta Town, California. A long time ago, a scientist disappeared, leaving behind a notebook for his daughter as clues.

The daughter, Paula grows up an…