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Creepy Legends: Kashima Reiko

Here's another urban legend based on going to the bathroom.
Apparently, your first reaction on seeing a ghost in the bathroom shouldn't be screaming. Rather, your encounter with a ghost involves answering questions the right way or losing your life.

According to a legend, a girl called Kashima Reiko once fell on the railway tracks at the Meishin Expressway and had her legs cut off. Now her ghost keeps searching for the lower half of her body.
But instead of searching them at the tracks, she haunts bathroom stalls.
Now supposedly, if you see her, she will ask you where her legs are.
You're supposed to keep calm and answer, "The Meishin Expressway."
She will then interrogate by asking who told you this and you have to reply with her name: Kashima.
She will then proceed to ask if you know her name.
DO NOT say her name. Instead, reply with: Mask Death Demon.
Hearing that, she will leave you alone.
If you don't reply with the correct answers, she will rip you apart the same…