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We are what we are- My take

Just say 'horror movie' and I'll watch anything. Okay, truth be told, just say those two words and I'll go and check out the title on Imdb and find out how much gore would be in it.
That's what horror movies are synonymous with- Gore. Lot's and lot's of blood and guts splashing about. My definition of horror does not include gore. Horror should be something that scares you and has the possibility of giving one recurring nightmares. Horror movies should be so scary that one shouldn't be at the edge of a seat but cuddled up in a corner of one and shivering under a blanket.
Popcorn should be sitting in a bowl in the side and getting cold because the very thought of putting one in your mouth should make one terrified.
Horror movies should make you want to check out your surroundings every two minutes to make sure that everything is still intact and that the furniture hasn't moved while you were distracted or that creak you heard wasn't from someone…

Thinking about MH370

A few days ago I wrote about change and how it isn't always the best thing that could happen. My point was directed toward technology especially. Yes, it is convenient and reliable and I can't imagine going even a day without logging on to the internet. It's addicting and has become a safety net for me.

But after hearing the disturbing news of the Malaysian airlines flight, I shudder to think that technology may not be as reliable as I thought. With all the new changes that keep happening and upgrades to systems and whatsoever, I thought that even though I may not be in favor of upgrades to some operating systems (yes iOS 7 which isn't available for my phone!) I imagined it would somehow be better and easier.

A plane just disappeared!

No one knows what happened and why and all that's going on are conspiracy theories. How much longer before countries start blaming each other for it? Passports of at least two passengers were stolen beforehand and they didn't boa…

Happy Women's Day

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Busy Busy

Super busy with writing nowadays. Plus I'm trying to learn Italian and Art History as well.
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The Ever Annoying Change

Change They say the only thing constant is change and that we must accept and adapt to it over and over again. And I say- I HATE CHANGE! What we are forced to believe is that change is better; it's progress and will always take us forward. Nope!  Change is also what takes us back a few steps and frustrates us.  Before it used to be about art, beauty and the try things in life, but change ruined it all. Now it's all about making money quickly even if it means sacrificing something in return- like integrity, efficiency and passion.  Not that I have anything against money- I could use a LOT of it, but giving in to change, is it really worth it?  Before video games used to be about stomping over evil turtles and getting to the villain and saving the day and the princess. Then these games became better- just one time when change actually worked.  The graphics got better, there was music in the background and a better storyline. That's when I thought that yes, change is progress.  But t…