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Dorothy Mills-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Small towns often have big secrets.

I suppose that has a lot to do with the small population. Everyone knows everyone. If one person does something terrible, it becomes necessary to protect him mostly because, not only would it bring notoriety to the small town and no one would visit it ever, but because one person less would simply shrink the town.
Small towns probably have better friendships and sometimes that means letting a murderer get away with his crime.
In this case, a group of sinners.

The movie begins with a couple rushing upstairs when they hear the screams of their baby. Out for the evening, they leave their charge to Dorothy Mills. Upon reaching the nursery they are met with a horrifying sight.
Their trusted babysitter is strangling their baby.
Cut to the next scene where a bereaved psychologist reads this news in the papers and travels to this quiet little town.
As soon as she arrives though, her car is run over by a group of teenagers who seem hell-bent on harassing her.
With h…

Amityville: The Awakening-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Some decades ago, an incident took place in Amityville that shocked everyone. A man shot and killed his entire family and apparently to date, no one knows for sure why he truly did what he did.
Why did he kill his family? Why did he change his story while giving his statement to the police and then again at the trial? Was it really him or something else that prompted the killings?
The fact that no one knows for sure what happened that day, is what made this case's popularity grow.
In fact, every horror aficionado knows about this case, for the simple reason that there is a paranormal connection to this mystery.

Sometime after the murders, a new family had moved in and they just as quickly moved out when they experienced strangers occurrences in their home.

This instance too is not proven to date. The family claims that something unnatural resides in their home, particularly in the basement area. But till today, people can only speculate. Not prove that the house is haunted.
This violent…

Sinfully Stupid Seven-- Excerpt

When seven high school students fail their finals, it gives three bumbling scientists a chance to try their new experiment on them.

All the students have to do is pass the test.
All the scientists have to do is, inject them with the right serum.
But of course, nothing goes according to plan.

Excerpt from Sinfully Stupid Seven 

Genio knew he wasn’t even supposed to be here. He didn’t belong with these dimwits although he would never use the term ‘dimwit’ aloud, especially in front of sweet Jane. He turned around to glance at the girl sitting quietly at the back and speaking to her best friend Sharon who was a quiet little mouse of a girl.
Behind him, Ricky let out a laugh as he and his girlfriend, Tisha, joked about something stupid. Behind them were another couple—Lucy and Neil. They were both school athletes, competing in almost every sport. Right now, they were training for the marathon. Neil was doing push-ups while Lucy was doing stretches before she began her squats.
Genio checke…

Superhero Movies

The world is in danger. Who do you call?
A hero. Only a hero can save us.

Our hero and our savior is already decided for us. Decades ago, Marvel and DC comics created these amazing superheroes that are famous till today.
Spiderman, Iron Man...
Superman, Batman...

Both universes have their own ideas of disasters and both, have these amazing heroes come save all humans.

Most of Marvel heroes are people with special abilities- mutants or people who have had fantastical things happen to them. Frozen in time, have access to not only immense wealth but the technology to create armor suits.

DC comics, on the other hand, have heroes mostly from the other world. They are Gods but each have weaknesses as well.

Marvel has Thor, a demigod. 
DC comics has Batman- a wealthy man who has created armor and fights crime at night.

Both universes have their differences and similarities. There are times when some stories appear to be ripped off from the other universe.

Two superheroes, both good guys have difference…

Why do I write Horror?

Someone once asked me why I wrote horror and why do I prefer watching  horror movies?
At that time my answer was 'because it's a challenge scaring people when each of us have different reasons to fear something'Over time, I've come to realize that the reason I enjoy everything horror is not only because I am amazed by the concept of life after death, but also because more often than not, each story consists of at least one character showing the courage to stand up against something that scares them.
No matter how dangerous or frightening the entity is, the only way out is through. And that means gathering up the guts to fight off something that threatens to destroy you and your happiness.
Even if there are failures, these characters never give up, even if they run the risk of losing their lives.
It takes great strength to stand when you've fallen down a million times.
So yes, these stories: cheesy, repetitive, clich├ęd... However they are, to me, they represent the …


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RYDE-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

One of the best things about technology is the convenience it provides. A touch of a finger brings the world closer to you. Download an app, and you can learn a new language for free, get reviews of restaurants you just need to try out, download your favorite tunes...the list is endless.
Anything and everything is possible nowadays. Even transport.
You no longer need to wait by the side of the road, waving your arms and hoping to catch a cabbie’s attention. Now all you need to do is download an app, sign up and press a button to call a cab. The license plate number and the driver’s photo pops up on your screen so that you can feel safe getting into a car with a complete stranger.
Everything is checked out for you- especially the driver’s background. No need to pay cash upfront either. Everything is done through an app.
With so much convenience and so many benefits included in this service, nothing can go wrong, right?
Ryde brings a new terror forward, something that you may not have …

When Love becomes Obsession....

Intentions turn wicked.

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Time for a little Sci-fi

Are you ready for journeys to all sorts of different worlds? Where experimentation runs amok, or invaders run afoul of humans determined to protect their homes? Can a pill or pills give people intelligence? Can a single entity save the galaxy? What happens in between? Does darkness really rein in the universe?
Can The Warp save Earth?

Darkness has a new name

Destinies link in the In-Between

Hairy science, hybrid secrets

There are tests and then there are tests

We are survivors!
Six science fiction tales that cover the spectrum from speculation to far off worlds. Eric Ian Steele, Rob McLachlan, Tanya Reimer, Josie Montano, Palvi Sharma, and K.C. Sprayberry bring you stories that will send shivers up and down your spine while entertaining you. 
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Halloween may be over, but....

That's no reason to stop reading horror stories!

Awakening in a strange forest, five friends survive a car accident, but are separated from each other. While trying to make their way to each other, they encounter the creatures that inhabit the forest. What the five friends don't realize is that these creatures are feeding on the guilt and pain they each hoard within themselves. As the night progresses, one of them becomes the key to escape the forest, and the other may just be the reason they are condemned.

There’s never enough of a scare factor with just one horror anthology. That’s why Solstice Shadows presents a second Halloween themed collection of stories by an incredible group of authors for your reading pleasure.
Are you ready to make sure the windows and doors are locked? That you’ve put out all the necessary spook deterrents? Will those be good enough to keep out the ghosts, ghouls, and other creatures that rule this special night?
Voodoo, greed, and prejudice…

Forest of the Dark--Dhiraj's terrifying challenge

From Chapter 26

With a flick of his hand, Sumit had Dhiraj thrown on the ground and engulfed in a new terror. Sumit’s wispy hands turned into smoky ribbons and swirled around Dhiraj’s ankles. With one hand, his nemesis was dragging him through the long-winding path of the forest, which was clear of trees. His back was scratched as Sumit chose rough terrain to drag him through, but all Dhiraj could do was scream whatever words popped into his head. Struggling was futile, as the demonic ghost possessed surprising strength which Sumit, when he was alive, hadn’t. Suddenly Sumit stopped and Dhiraj screamed even louder. This was it—now would be the time when Sumit would avenge his death. “Ready to play?” The words were barely out of the ghost’s mouth when the starry night sky above him, parted like clouds and revealed bright blue sky. He was no longer lying on a patch of pebbles and twigs and thorns, but soft fragrant grass. “Let’s go in.” Sumit was telling him. Dhiraj got up; his stomach …