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Superhero Movies

The world is in danger. Who do you call?
A hero. Only a hero can save us.

Our hero and our savior is already decided for us. Decades ago, Marvel and DC comics created these amazing superheroes that are famous till today.
Spiderman, Iron Man...
Superman, Batman...

Both universes have their own ideas of disasters and both, have these amazing heroes come save all humans.

Most of Marvel heroes are people with special abilities- mutants or people who have had fantastical things happen to them. Frozen in time, have access to not only immense wealth but the technology to create armor suits.

DC comics, on the other hand, have heroes mostly from the other world. They are Gods but each have weaknesses as well.

Marvel has Thor, a demigod. 
DC comics has Batman- a wealthy man who has created armor and fights crime at night.

Both universes have their differences and similarities. There are times when some stories appear to be ripped off from the other universe.

Two superheroes, both good guys have differences and face off against each other. Which universe would that be?
Batman vs Superman, and Civil war.

It doesn't matter which hero or which comics you prefer, they are all heroes and until recently, I didn't have a high opinion on either of them.

Ever since I saw Spiderman 3 all those years ago, my patience and my interest in superhero movies diminished.
It had its moment but I was bored of how long it took to the good parts.
I imagined superhero movies to be fast paced and be light and funny. Spiderman 3 was a little too dark for me at that time.
After that I couldn't care less about these kinds of movies where more care was given to the CGI budget than create a compelling story.

The only reason I would even watch a few was because I would be dragged to the cinemas to see them, for some reason or another. Never by choice.

I did like Iron man after I caught a couple of scenes when it came on TV, but it still didn't make me want to line up and catch the sequels in the theatres.

November 2017 came along and two movies released- Thor and Justice League.
Both movies almost clashed with each other.

To be honest, I had never watched any of the Thor parts before I watched Thor Raganork. Thor wasn't even my favorite avenger. As usual, I was dragged to go see it and didn't have a terrible time.
It was fun in parts and entertaining. But was it a cool superhero movie?
Not at all.

Too might CGI and too many jokes forced into a story that required some seriousness. Thor's home was going to be destroyed. His people were going to be displaced. A lot of people were going to die. And what was he doing? Taking the whole situation lightly and cracking jokes at the expense of Hulk and Loki.

I suppose he didn't have to fear much or maybe he thought that there was no way he would perish in a war considering he was a demigod. 
But as a viewer, as a mortal, I couldn't like him very much. I wouldn't want my hero to be goofing around and addressing the dire situation with little interest. Yes, nothing would happen to him, but what about the humans? 

In that sense Justice League was a lot better. As always with superhero movies, I went in with low expectations and got to watch a movie that was what every superhero movie should be. 

From the very first scene, it was about luring the enemy, to find out their weakness. When it became obvious that the situation was going to turn extremely dangerous and a threat to mankind, the heroes quickly assembled and formed a group. 
When they realized that the enemy couldn't be easily beaten, plan B was quickly formed. For a change, a team was working exactly like they should- well coordinated. 
Batman was perhaps the only one without abilities, so he provided whatever assistance he could, and sometimes that meant encouraging a kid while he had an anxiety attack coming face to face with the villain. 
Everyone's abilities and capabilities were put to the best of use. 
There was no senseless comedy and definitely no unnecessary scenes. The pace and the somber theme was what worked for me. 
I could imagine that if the situation was real, that is how the heroes would react. You know, taking the situation seriously and knowing that while they may survive, the mere mortals would not. 

For a change, it was about us. And for a change, that felt comforting. 


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