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7 Witches - My take on the movie with spoilers!

7 witches is an ugly tale of revenge, hatred and family conflicts. It's the kind of movie that leave you horrified and sick to the stomach.
It has drama that is relatable but characters not exactly relatable.
Yet, this movie is actually a decent watch and what works in its favor is the pace.
Had the plot been drawn out more than it was intended to, it would have been a bore. There is always something happening in every scene and the tension builds until it reaches a climax that will leave you appalled.
For centuries, the witches have been hunted like dogs, punished for their witchcraft and killed like animals. Now, with only seven witches remaining, they aim to get back what they rightfully deserve.
Kate is attending her sister's wedding with her boyfriend whom she has either broken up with or is on the verge of doing so. Her family is happy to see her except for her annoying sister who keeps taunting her and reminds Kate to not spoil her special day.
Reluctantly, Kate t…


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The Snare-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

In high school the one essay question that perplexed all students was writing a story about survival. I pride myself in stating that I was the only one who got it right in my exams. Writing about surviving in a jungle was a challenge to me. I thought out of the box, put myself in the place of my characters and pretended I had none of the amenities that I'm so depended on now. It was a little easier then, because I wasn't allowed to have a mobile at that age. Now, I can't imagine not having the comforting feel of my cell phone in my pocket. Whike watching The Snare, I was reminded of all this, solely because I felt that the characters simply didn't push their boundaries enough. They just gave up and readied themselves to die. The story begins with three people going away on a weekend out to stay in an apartment that is on the top floor of an unoccupied building apparently. The couple are unbearable, the protagonist, dangerously delusional. What happens next is, the trio…

Aksh's story from Forest of the Dark

From Chapter Six of Forest of the Dark 

Ever since Aksh was fifteen, he had wanted to be a doctor. He had a normal childhood and an ideal family. His father was an accountant and his mother a housewife—both doted on their only son. Aksh was a thin boy and his mother would often fret and fuss over him. He didn’t mind his appearance; what he did care about was his popularity which day by day was declining. Puberty had struck him badly,turning his voice croaky and his face spotted with acne. None of the girls showed the slightest interest in him and the boys wouldn’t include him in any of the sports teams because of his lacking physique. Aksh spent most of his teenage years in loneliness, but when he came home, his parents would treat him like the most popular boy in the school and at the end of the day, that was what mattered to him and he slept with a big smile on his face every night. Everything was going in the usual manner, when a few days after his fifteenth birthday, Aksh’s father had a…

Why I write Horror stories

Sometimes the scariest stories are the ones we are living. The anticipation, the unpredictable, this is what haunts us more than anything or anyone ever will. There are monsters in the world, but they are disguised as humans who trick and manipulate us. Sometimes the monsters take the shape or fear and depression to suppress us. We can try to run, but how do we escape ourselves? Horror stories, are a lot better than actual lives. In them, demons are exorcised, killers are caught, the dead find peace, evil is extinguished. At the end of a story, there is an ending to the pain and suffering endured by people/characters. It isn't something that can be experienced in real life, at least not so quickly. Months and years pass, before evil is thwarted. By then, good and kindness is already weakened. Our happy ending comes the moment life near ends. Then we look back and think: hey that wasn't so bad. In a story, the ending comes a bit sooner. The triumph of evil or good is quickly de…

Rudra's story from Forest of the Dark

From Chapter Five of FOREST OF THE DARK

Rudra had been rejected in love twice. When he was in seventh grade, he had fallen in love with Rashika, a girl with dark hair tied in a braid that fell to her waist. She had chocolate brown eyes, long lashes and a cute smile. The day he had asked her out for ice cream and she had accepted, he was certain that his love would last forever. They had spent a jovial afternoon scoffing down chocolate chip ice creams and talking about school and their classmates. Rashika liked him, that much was certain. They went out after school every day; sometimes for walks along a nearby beach and sometimes for ice cream. They were teased by their classmates as lovers and not once did Rashika deny it. He immediately took it as her acceptance to be his formal girlfriend. Then just before they went off to college, Rashika told him bluntly that they were never boyfriend-girlfriend and she had been going out with another guy as well. Rudra had been heartbroken and wa…

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Rings (2017) -- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Some things never die. Entities, that have been mistreated, remain and manifest. In the same way, the legend of the videotape that kills viewers after seven days, doesn’t die. Samara, the ghost girl in the video, is still haunting, her rage, never extinguished.
As with the previous parts, Samara’s story is further explored, though her character is never fully defined. It started with Samara being a hapless victim, killed by her adopted mother. She was thrown into a well, where she survives for seven days before she dies out of starvation and cold.
Then, it turns out Samara had to be killed because she was evil and was projecting disturbing images in peoples’ heads and driving them insane.
In order to get rid of her, her body had to be found and buried. But in order for her to be completely vanquished, her soul must be trapped in the well again or else she might possess kids, as she is on the hunt for a mother to take care of her.
All that befuddles and eventually, there is no…

Can Tina be saved?

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Meet the Djinn from Forest of the Dark

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Meet the Twins from Forest of the Dark