Why I write Horror stories

Sometimes the scariest stories are the ones we are living. The anticipation, the unpredictable, this is what haunts us more than anything or anyone ever will. There are monsters in the world, but they are disguised as humans who trick and manipulate us. Sometimes the monsters take the shape or fear and depression to suppress us. We can try to run, but how do we escape ourselves? Horror stories, are a lot better than actual lives. In them, demons are exorcised, killers are caught, the dead find peace, evil is extinguished. At the end of a story, there is an ending to the pain and suffering endured by people/characters. It isn't something that can be experienced in real life, at least not so quickly. Months and years pass, before evil is thwarted. By then, good and kindness is already weakened. Our happy ending comes the moment life near ends. Then we look back and think: hey that wasn't so bad. In a story, the ending comes a bit sooner. The triumph of evil or good is quickly decided. Win or lose, at least the ordeal is over. I think that is why I prefer writing horror stories. For once, I am able to control the terrible things that are happening. For a change, I can make good people win their fights. People with nefarious intentions, always get what they deserve. And that too, in a hundred pages or so. It gives me immense pleasure to weave a tale that can cause a different kind of fear, unlike anything experienced in real life. To create a plot twist that no one sees coming, is not only an accomplishment I've set for myself, but to leave my readers guessing and then enthralled, that is a small victory that no one can take away from me.

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