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The Other Side of the Door- my take on the movie with spoilers

If there ever was a captivating horror movie made- this has got to be it. Never before has there been a movie that exudes the confidence to portray desperation and grief so artfully, that we feel every bit of anguish the characters face.
The Other side of the door is primarily the story of a grief-stricken mother who lives with the guilt of not being able to save her son in a car accident. Time passes by and Maria cannot get over her sorrow and eventually gives in to her suicidal tendencies.
Seeing her in such a troubled state, her Indian housekeeper, Piki, confides in her about a temple in South India, which has the thinnest line between life and death. Over there, Maria can have a chance to talk to her deceased son one last time. The only catch is- she cannot see her son, only hear his voice. And under no circumstances must she open the door.
Well of course, Maria opens the door. The door opening is a crucial point of the movie, I mean it is the plot and the other side of the…

10 Cloverfield Lane- my take on the movie with spoilers!

In times of disaster, we all hope that there would be someone to save us from the perils: be it the armed forces or the humanity and bravery innate in some people. When the apocalypse hits, though we will fear the event, somehow, we also know that a savior will rise.
There has to be someone, right? Someone who has predetermined the event? Someone who has also made preparations to safeguard themselves and maybe kind enough to help others?
I usually avoid movies that centers on disasters that could claim the world or a movie set in a dystopian future. The only reason I did eventually pick the movie was because of its clever marketing strategy: to not announce the movie until two months before its release. Literally no one knew this movie existed or was being made. The plot wasn’t revealed and there was so much secrecy surrounding it that my interest was piqued.
I can’t say I’m disappointed by my curiosity.
Michelle, the lead, is escaping her life with her boyfriend and ends …

Use your phone for something other than reading!

Remember when phones were used only for making handy calls, when a landline wasn’t available? I don’t either because I’m not that old. I used my first cell phone to play games and the second one to take pictures...not of myself.
When smart phones came along, texting became instantly popular and there were so many games apps that classic games of solitaire and snake was quickly forgotten. Games became popular, messaging apps provided more and more convenient features and while there was a camera in every phone, taking pictures was never the main reason why people bought mobile phones.
I think it was when smart phones started using better lenses and providing increased pixels, was when people decided that taking clear pictures of passing scenery was simply not enough. Turning around the phone, they started to take pictures of themselves and friends, until it was decided that the camera app would be used more if the selfie feature was added to the application. So, no more turning ar…